Wellness Coaching


Wellness Coaching is a complimentary offering unique to Cornerstone. Every Cornerstone member is entitled to a 60-minute session with one of our in-house Wellness Coaches where we will discuss your goals and interests, and provide a customized plan for success so that you get the most out of your membership and see your desired results.

Whether you are looking to lose weight, gain muscle, improve endurance, or just feel better moving through life, this process is specifically designed to come up with a plan to achieve your desired results. Our wellness coaches are here not only to kick start your fitness journey, but to see you through each step and be a source of support for as long as you are a member at Cornerstone.

4 Convenient Wellness Appointment Options


Are you new to the club and unsure where to start? Do you suffer from gym intimidation (does the thought of working  out give you anxiety)? Are you overwhelmed by the sheer number of fitness workouts and classes?  Then our  classic appointment is for you!


Perfect for those with busy schedules. Get class and service recommendations based on your interests and goals. This is a great option for current or rejoining members looking for a  review or refresh of current or past fitness routines.

SENIOR WELLNESS - 45 minutes

Designed specifically for the needs of those 65+.  Senior Functional Screen available upon request.

FIT - 45 minutes

For fitness enthusiasts looking to supercharge their fitness status or review the effectiveness of their current routine.  InBody analysis available upon request.

Inbody Analysis

Go beyond the scale and find out what you are really made of.

There’s more to your body than losing or gaining weight. This is why we are excited to offer the Inbody 570 - a state-of-the-art body composition analyzer that allows our wellness coaches to look beyond the numbers on the scale and show you what your body is really made of.

Here’s how it works: simply stand on the platform and grab the handles. In just 45 seconds, the Inbody will accurately calculate your weight, muscle mass, body fat percentage and more. Wellness coaches and personal trainers can then help you use your data to create a fitness plan tailored to your very specific needs.  

Inbody Analysis is OPTIONAL and completely FREE to members (a $79 value).  Ask us for more information.

*For the most accurate results, please do not eat or exercise 3 hours before and hydrate well the day prior to analysis.

Session Info:

Wear comfortable clothes that are flexible and fit a little closer to your body.  Schedule your appointment before a workout and make sure you are hydrated.  And remember, Wellness Coaches are here to support members at all time.  Have questions down the road?  Need some advice or support?  Stop by the Wellness Office or contact a Wellness Coach at the club of your choice.