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Best Moves for Senior Fitness!

Senior yoga class

Whether you are new to Cornerstone Clubs or a seasoned veteran, our general expectations for an exercise program are virtually the same. Seniors, like everyone else, want to get the most out of their exercise time.  Older exercisers want a program and/or class to provide an opportunity for movement that will be safe, effective, purposeful, and enhance the quality of life. Think about it. A good senior fitness will not only help you get stronger and healthier, but it will also help you maintain your independence as you age. Continue reading Best Moves for Senior Fitness!

Senior Fitness: The Art of Aging Successfully

Aging successfully - Senior Fitness Woman doing yoga

If you had to make a mental picture of an older person who had aged well, what would they look like?  Healthy?  Of course!  Accomplished and successful?  Probably.  Interesting and knowledgeable?  More than likely. Aging successfully is our topic today.

Let me being by telling you about a lady who is my “successful aging” role model.  Her name was Ellie. Continue reading Senior Fitness: The Art of Aging Successfully

Senior Fitness: Why Chances of Dehydration Increase As You Age

Dehydration and Seniors: Happy Senior couple carrying water

You’ve heard it once or twice before….Drink. More. Water. Drinking water is one of the most important aspects of staying healthy, especially for seniors. Personal Trainers provide regular reminders during senior fitness sessions, water fountains are available everywhere, Group Exercise Instructors include water breaks in EVERY class, fancy water bottles are sold in practically every store you step foot into, and health care providers often ask if we are drinking enough water during the day. But why does this seem like an insurmountable task at times and how do we really know if we are getting enough? Since dehydration can be a serious problem for seniors, I reached out to our Cornerstone Wellness Coaches for the answers. Continue reading Senior Fitness: Why Chances of Dehydration Increase As You Age