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Member Gina Caputo Shares Her Inspirational Story

We are so grateful to long-time member Gina Caputo for courageously sharing her inspirational story.  She exemplifies everything that we here at Cornerstone solidly believe – and that is that health and wellness is a journey (not a destination) which is most successful when it takes place in a supportive community environment.  Please read on to enjoy Gina’s story.

I have been a member of the Cornerstone Clubs for 20 years and had the pleasure of seeing many changes over the years including the new clubs and classes at Warrington and New Hope.  During those 20 years, my exercise choices have evolved from machines to classes and personal and group trainings.  The Cornerstone Clubs are run very professionally, but project a personal and friendly feeling to the members. 

In April of 2016, I was diagnosed with early stage breast cancer.  During that time, my doctors continued to stress that exercise, nutrition and rest are key healthy habits to embrace.  Luckily for me, I was more than half way there which made the prep and surgery recovery much quicker.  After having double mastectomies in May, I was back at the gym within 6 weeks and able to do light workouts and cardio.  My range of motion was excellent due to being diligent all those years working out and keeping fit.  A few months later I was cleared to continue with my full work outs which mainly consisted of Barre, Zumba, Zumba toning (which I’ve done since Cornerstone introduced those classes), light weights and machines. Both Zumba and Barre have been an integral part of my life and journey with excellent instructors.

I wanted to focus on strengthening, toning and rebuilding my muscle. I spoke with Personal Trainer Tracey Kling (who was the trainer assigned to me when I first joined 20 years ago!). She suggested many options and classes, one of them being Flexline which I started in 2017.  

A few months later,  I started doing  personal training with Tracey to continue to tone, maintain my weight and restore muscle.  In addition to Zumba and Barre I have included Flexline and personal and team training every week.  I was determined to keep up, feel good and impress my doctors with results.

The professional  personal training I receive from Tracey has been gratifying and the results are amazing.  Needless to say,  the Cornerstone Clubs have become my “home away from home”.  Don’t give up, learn all that you can and embrace yourself.