As part of our "Refresh Project" in Doylestown, the fitness floor will CLOSE as of 8am on Wednesday, 8/7 for an anticipated 10 days.  The closure will include the cardio/strength equipment areas and the Strive/stretching areas. The free weight/functional training areas, Group X studios and children's areas will remain open.  We invite you to use our New Hope and Warrington facilities during this time.  Please check back for regular updates and thank you for your patience as we update the club.  

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Kids Swimming Programs in Bucks County: What to Look for

A good swimming program for your child is a great way for kids to learn water safety and become strong swimmers.

A question that I get asked all the time is “What should I look for in a swim program?” The answer is fairly simple. A swim program needs to be focused on water safety and have instructors that love kids, love water, and love to swim. 

These characteristics need to be present in any program that is going to be considered in the running for somewhere I would take my child.  A good way to figure out if the program has these things is by observing the lessons and asking yourself (or the director) the following questions:

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