Spa Services


Many associate massage therapy with luxury, often forgetting the “therapy” part which can be incredibly beneficial with respect to self-care and personal wellness. While a massage can be a luxurious and enjoyable experience, it also includes therapeutic properties that result in releasing tension, improving circulation, eliminating toxins, and bringing relief to tight, painful muscles.

At our New Hope and Doylestown club locations, we offer a variety of massage services including:  Therapeutic Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Oncology Massage, Therapeutic Senior Massage and Pre & Postnatal Massage.  In addition, we offer add-on treatments such as Reiki, Hot Stone, Reflexology and Scalp and Neck.

Recent Testimonials

"All of the treatments I receive are provided with professionalism, care and a genuine feeling of wanting to ensure that I am completely satisfied with the end result. Every treatment is given with personal attention; I’ve never felt rushed and always feel as if the provider is interested in me and is interested in my well-being. 

K. N.

"I can't live without regular massages.  I have some chronic issues due to overuse at my old job and massage gives me great relief.  The staff at Cornerstone is professional, patient and really tries to address your individual issues and needs."

F. W.


We now offer nail services at our Doylestown location and waxing and threading at our New Hope location.