Child Care/Playroom

Drop your children off at a CornerKids playroom and enjoy a worry-free workout. 

Our playrooms are clean, safe and fun.  Your child's security is important to us. To ensure the safety of our playrooms, please:

  • Check your child in at our new playroom location (in the front lobby)
  • Make sure that we have a photo of both you and your child in our system
  • Provide written permission if someone other than yourself will be taking your child out of the playroom


Mon-Fri:  8:00am - 11:30am

New Hope
Playroom currently closed.
Please check back for updates.

Playroom Policies

Food and Drinks: Food in NOT permitted in the playrooms. Water is permitted in a non-spillable, non-breakable bottle or cup clearly labeled with your child’s name.

Time Limit: We highly recommend that you limit your child's time in the playroom to 2 hours.

Diaper Changing:  We do not change diapers – sorry! There are changing tables provided for you to use. Please use the towel and disinfectant provided to wipe down the changing tables after use. Please be sure to use plastic bags provided when disposing a soiled diaper!

Illness:  We try to keep the playroom a safe and healthy place for everyone. We ask that you help us by keeping your sick children home! If we find that your child appears to be ill, we may ask you to return home with him/her.

Infants:  We allow infants as young as 8 weeks old, however, you may want to consider waiting until he or she has had the initial immunization shots. Please be sure to give us any information that will help us give your baby the best care.

Mask Use:  Masks optional.

Illness:  Please be respectful and keep your child home if he or she is sick.

We take pride in our ability to keep your children happy while you work out. You will only be notified under the following conditions:
a diaper change is absolutely needed; your child is inconsolably crying; your child’s behavior is dangerous to others in the playroom; your child is injured; you've reached the time limit.