Parkinson’s Program


A diagnosis of Parkinson's Disease can be frightening.   But as with most health challenges, the right kind of exercise program can help alleviate some of them.  In some cases, it can even reverse symptoms.   Cornerstone Clubs' Parkinson's Fitness Program takes place in 6 week sessions.  These sessions include two great classes (check out our brochure) with safe and proven track records.  PWR! Moves and Rock Steady Boxing have been shown to greatly improve the symptoms associated with Parkinson's.  Our participants routinely report a substantial increase in their quality of life.  In addition, sessions run consecutively.  Participants can sign up for one session.  Or, people can sign up for consecutive sessions for as long as desired.

Cornerstone's Parkinson's Fitness Program Is Safe

As an added convenience (and to ensure the safety of all participants), our Parkinson's Fitness Program now includes a completely virtual training option.  Before beginning, participants (and caregivers if desired) meet with one of our Parkinson's Exercise Specialists. During this intake, our coaches take the time to learn about each person's specific challenges.  They then design a program that is safe and appropriate.  After that, training takes place virtually. 

Parkinson's Fit at Cornerstone includes:

  • All virtual classes
  • Two classes/week over a 6 week session (sessions may be scheduled consecutively)
  • Initial consultation with a Parkinson's Fitness Specialist

Additional Training Options

Going forward, we will be adding onsite, in-person classes as Covid vaccines become more available and restrictions ease.  For now, participants can work out at home or contact us about small group or one-on-one personal training in Doylestown with a Parkinson's Specialist.  Please note:  when exercising onsite, strict safety guidelines are enforced, including social distancing and masking.

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Parkinson's Fitness Program - PWR! Moves

PWR! Moves -  This program was founded by Dr. Becky Farley, a neuroscientist and Parkinson’s exercise specialist.  It is a Parkinson’s specific exercise approach that directly targets four foundational movements.  These movements counteract the primary deficits shown by research to interfere with everyday mobility. Because the class structure can adapt to the different needs of participants, people of any fitness level and ability can join and progress. PWR!Moves is a Parkinson’s exercise revolution designed to improve movement at all levels.

Parkinson's Fitness Program - Rock Steady Boxing

Rock Steady Boxing - RSB was founded by Greg Newman after his diagnosis when he was around 40 years old. This program is based on the principle of “forced intense” exercise. Although anyone can train like a boxer, the idea of “fighting back” in this non-contact, boxing workout has more than just physical benefits.  While the physical benefits are important, they are only part of the story.   Most participants will experience improved agility, balance, strength, mobility and stamina.  As importantly, or perhaps more so, the sense of fun, of community and of reaching goals are just as powerful. No boxing experience is required.

Learn more about the Parkinson's Fit Program at Cornerstone by reading our blog or by clicking on the video below.

Learn more about Parkinson's Disease by vising the Parkinson's Foundation.