Parkinson’s Program Testimonials


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My First Anniversary

July marks the first anniversary of my being involved with Rock Steady Boxing, and I just wanted to tell you "a million thanks" for how this program has changed my life over this past year.

When I started my training sessions, I did not realize just how much Parkinson's Disease had robbed me of physical strength, stamina, flexibility, and my natural optimism of "I can conquer this!"....because I
couldn't. I was stiff, plagued with poor balance, and discouraged.

BUT!!! You came alongside my initial weak efforts and challenged me to not give up, fight harder, focus, and keep trying. More than anything, you offered HOPE and a structured plan to change things around. Through Rock Steady Boxing, I have reclaimed inner strength that I thought had disappeared, better balance, increased mobility, and just all out more enjoyment in life each day. You jokingly call me "Queen of Squats" (because I whine and complain when we do them!), but I was amazed one day when I unconsciously bent down to wipe up a spill on the floor and realized I was putting squats into good husband was shocked and thrilled...he used to do that for me! I can now roll over in bed (greater core strength), reach the top of my car's trunk to close it (controlled stretching), and confidently step on and off curbs (improved balance). Great accomplishments for me, and great praise for the benefits of being involved in this boxing program.

You have encouraged, cajoled, challenged, and put up with so much from our little "family of four" twice a week....we marvel that you could be working with young strong athletes, yet you chose US...the frail, often feeble, and definitely forgetful ones...your passion for Parkinson's programs and your compassion for us is a gift...and we're thankful. You are a great combination of personal trainer, entertainer, encourager, and innovator....and, I can't believe that in a whole year's time, we have  NEVER done the same routine twice...each day is something new!

You are so good at what you do...thank you.

~ Harriet

Cycling Had Positive Effects

After our workout this morning I was psyched to see if there would be any residual benefits.  In fact, I was able to delay taking my next dose of meds.  I am looking forward to next week’s class.

I am surprising myself with muscle aches in places I never knew had muscles.  Who knew I had sweat glands on the back of my hands?  All in all, it was a great workout.

~ Leland