Tend to break out on your chin? Have a stubborn knot in your shoulder? The Spa’s Microzone facial and massage services give you 15-20 minutes of targeted treatment for any of your “problem areas”. Microzone facials focus on certain areas of the face, like the lips or eyes, or on specific treatments, such as exfoliation, deep clean, moisture balance etc. Microzone massages are a great way to work out any muscle or area that is achy or painful on an ongoing basis. Whether it’s a tight hamstring or a creaky neck, giving the most stubborn parts of your body some undivided TLC will have you on your way to relief. Get a quick treatment right where you need it, and say goodbye to your problem areas for good!

MicroZone Massage

Targets your most intense issues in your tissues in just 20 minutes! They’re the quick relief for a sore or over worked body part. Massage choices include: any body part that needs a little TLC such as that tight hamstring, cramping calf, stiff shoulder or crunchy neck.
$40 (20-min) 

MicroZone Facials

Our exclusive Dermalogica MicroZone Treatments. Facial choices include: Flash exfoliation, Eye Rescue, Lip Renew, Deep Clean Oil Control, Age Management, Skin Smoothing and Moisture Balance. We can also customize a MicroZone Treatment for your skin!
$40 (20-min)