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Thanks for stopping by and expressing interest in learning about Cornerstone Clubs.  Since opening in 1995, Cornerstone Clubs has operated with one guiding focus: community. Health and fitness is rarely an individual endeavor.   In our experience, it is through supportive relationships that Cornerstone’s members have been able to make their lives healthier and happier. 

For 25 years, Cornerstone has been dedicated to improving the health and wellness of the Central Bucks Community. Consequently, we offer health and fitness solutions for everyone.  Our Doylestown and New Hope locations meet, and in many cases exceed, state and federal guidelines for cleanliness and safety.  In addition, our instructors, health coaches and trainers are educated, experienced and possessed with a sincere desire to help others improve the quality of their lives, regardless of where they are on the health and fitness continuum.  Over the years, they have helped people of all health and fitness levels – from exercise newbies to seasoned athletes to people with special conditions like Parkinson’s Disease, cancer, diabetes and cardiac issues.

Just What Exactly Is Good Health?

Good health doesn’t happen accidentally.  To put it simply, a good state of health is a relationship we have with ourselves.  And, like all good relationships it requires a little effort to maintain.  Who doesn’t want to achieve a healthy weight, move with ease, and feel physically and mentally good every day?  Who doesn’t want to minimize the symptoms of chronic diseases – or prevent them altogether?  In light of the current circumstances, the immune boosting benefits of living a healthy lifestyle can’t be overstated either.

How Is Good Health Achieved?

But, how do we get to this place called “good health?”  Typically, this requires a permanent lifestyle change, and that can be hard to do on your own. Most people don’t know how to start, let alone how to keep going.  They may have a goal in mind – whether it’s losing weight, getting stronger, or overcoming a chronic health problem – but don’t know the safest and move effective way to get there.  This is where the professionals at a quality health club can help.

Is A Health Club For Me?

Unfortunately, many people find health clubs intimidating because they erroneously believe that these are places for people who are already “fit”.  But the truth is, only a few members meet the highest definition of fitness; most are somewhere on the journey.  People join clubs because they recognize that they need better health but lack the time to figure out a “plan” and struggle to maintain the motivation and the self-discipline required to reach their goals.

Are Health Clubs Safe?

Others fear that health clubs are unsafe, but the data simply doesn’t support this conclusion.  A recent nationwide survey of 2,873 health clubs found that of 49.4 million check-ins over a three month period, there was only a .0023% infection rate - and no evidence that positive cases originated in gyms.1  This is statistically irrelevant!  Here’s the bottom line – fitness is essential in keeping America healthy. And yet, only 23% of adults are meeting federal physical activity guidelines.2

Here's What Some Of Our Members Have To Say About Cornerstone Clubs:

"I joined Cornerstone in October 2019, so was technically only able to experience full membership until March when COVID19 struck. The classes offered are innumerable and top notch.  Moreover, the facilities are very clean, completely up-to-date and well stocked with top of the line equipment.  I found the Cornerstone family to be helpful, professional, very forward and forthcoming. Recently, I was particularly impressed with their handling of the COVID crisis. They adapted immediately with emails updating members and various virtual classes so that members did not miss a beat. We received regular emails with updates and never felt uninformed.  I believe that as this pandemic evolves and eventually we reach a new normal, Cornerstone will adapt by making their workout environments safe for all. They will continue to thrive."

~ Karen M.

"I couldn't be happier to be back at Cornerstone post-quarantine! They are taking every precaution to make the gym safe for everyone to work out. In addition, they are actively listening to feedback, adapting as needed, and the communication has been EXCELLENT!"

~ Casey M.

"I have been a member for years and I left to check out another gym. Well, I am back... I missed the friendly front desk workers and the great machines. The thing I missed the most was feeling like I was part of a family. When I signed back up all the workers immediately welcomed me back. They are awesome. Sometimes cheaper isn't better!"

~ Felix M.

"Cornerstone is a very nice health club with a spirit of community that is rare. There are a variety of classes, ample equipment, and a very friendly staff that endeavors to know everyone's name. The facility is clean and orderly and offers a great atmosphere for everyone, no matter what age."

~ Elizabeth M.

Personal Training

Completely customized training to meet your specific needs.  In-person, virtual, buddy and small group options available! Contact us to learn more about Personal Training at Cornerstone Clubs.

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