Etiquette And Policies

Cornerstone has set etiquette policies and procedures in place that we request of every person who uses the facilities. The policies and procedures help to insure your safety, maintain your workout environment and keep your experience here at Cornerstone one of the best parts of your day.

  • Please consult a Personal Trainer in order to assist you with the design of a personalized fitness plan. Physician consent may be required prior to starting a routine.
  • Please report any injuries sustained on the fitness floor or in a class to a trainer or instructor immediately upon occurrence.
  • Please report any equipment malfunctions to a trainer immediately so we may check the equipment safety and a repair work order form can be completed.

Contact Information

If you need to update your contact information, please visit the service desk. If you are moving, please take a moment to fill out a Change of Address form.

Fitness Center Etiquette

Proper workout and foot attire is required: athletic shoes must be worn. No open toed shoes permitted. PLEASE no cell phone use on the fitness center floor. The use of a “personal towel” for each workout is encouraged. Also, please wipe down all equipment after usage with towels and disinfectant spray provided throughout the fitness center. Please make sure that equipment is turned to the “off” setting prior to leaving all pieces of cardiovascular equipment.

Free Weight Area

Please re-rack all weights and return all other training aids, bars and bands to their original location after use. No dropping of the dumbbells. Please only lift what you can set down properly after your repetitions. Please do not place dumbbells or other metal attachments on the half walls, on equipment or anywhere that is not considered safe. Please ask a trainer for a spotter if needed and always utilize safety clips and settings.

Spinning / Group X / Arena / Training Room Utilization

These rooms are designated for use during supervised classes, workshops and personal training sessions only. All members must be under supervision while using the equipment in the rooms and therefore these rooms are NOT intended for general membership usage.

Teen Membership Policies

Cornerstone Health & Fitness has specific policies for our youth members (ages 13 – 15) in order to ensure that all programs are safe and effective. The regulations regarding independent use of the fitness floor, group exercise classes, spin classes and Zone classes apply to all teen members. Teens must complete our orientation program to have access to the fitness floor for independent workouts. Please see the following guidelines regarding the orientation program, use of equipment and class attendance for our youth members. These policies and programs are designed to ensure a positive and safe exercise experience for our youth members and adult members as their share our facilities. If you have any questions regarding our Teen Membership Policies, please contact the General Manager of your club.

Teen Fitness Floor Policy

Teens ages 13 – 15 years old are eligible for Cornerstone membership and able to workout on the fitness floor independently upon completion of a Teen Orientation program. Through this orientation, Cornerstone is able assess the teen’s maturity, basic fitness knowledge and respect for rules and safety prior independent access of equipment and machines on the fitness floor. This program is designed to ensure a positive and safe exercise experience for our teen members and our adult members as their share our facilities. The teen’s membership will become active after the following three appointments have been completed:

  1. Teen Orientation –  This meeting provides the teen with an introduction to cardio equipment, overview of appropriate classes, gym etiquette and review of policies.
  2. Teen Circuit -Introduction to a strength training program on the Strive or Life Fitness machines.
  3. Teen Quiz & Review – Teen is given a short quiz about the information covered in previous appointments, the results are reviewed and if the teen passes the quiz they will receive an orientation to the Free Weight area and discuss lifting basics and safety.

Teen Group Exercise Policy

Members ages 12+ are eligible to attend group exercise classes marked with a triangle on the Group Exercise Class Schedule. Members 12 years and younger are NOT permitted on the fitness floor unless they are in a designated class or area with a Personal Trainer.

Teen Spin Class Policy

  • Cornerstone’s Intro to Spin is mandatory for all teens 13 – 17 years of age.
  • For teens 13 – 15 years of age to attend a Spinning class, they must attend the intro class and the teen & parent must both sign spin policy guidelines form. Teens of this age must also be accompanied by a parent in all classes unless otherwise authorized by the Spin Director.
  • Teens ages 16 – 17 years of age are required to sign the teen spin policy guidelines and are able to attend a class without the company of a parent.

Intro to Spin: 1 hour class consists of personal bike settings, safety procedures, riding positions and demonstration of ride.

Teen Zone Class Policy

  • For all teens age 13 – 17 a parent and the teen must sign the Teen Zone Consent/Policy and agree to our policies and procedures for Teen Zone participation
  • Teens age 13 – 15 of age must be accompanied or monitored by a parent for the duration of the Zone class
  • Once the teen is 16+ years of age and has the approval of the Zone Coordinator, the teen is welcome to attend Zone classes without the company of a parent

Inclement Weather Policies & State of Emergency Notices

Important note: Our Inclement Weather Policy is no longer tied to school district closings or early dismissals.

Cornerstone is committed to being open during our normal operating hours and providing the many services utilized by our valued members. However, there will be instances where inclement weather (primarily snow and ice) may necessitate closing our clubs either part or all of the day. In addition, service and class schedules may be revised.

We consider these decisions carefully and make them solely out of concern for potentially endangering our members and staff. During inclement weather you are encouraged to check our website for the most updated source of information. Cornerstone will make its decision and follow the guidelines set forth below:

Weather Factors that may alter our standard opening/closing as well as class schedules and services

The Weather report or actual conditions indicate extremely hazardous conditions prior to the club opening in the morning:

A determination will be made for all clubs by Cornerstone Management by no later than 3:00am on weekdays or 4:30 am on weekends to either close the clubs or delay their opening. In most cases, this determination will be made for all clubs but under some circumstances could be made for one club (i.e. – a specific location has a power outage and cannot open). In most cases the club will delay opening until 9am but could open later depending upon conditions. Again, it’s important to check the website for updates.

Opening at 9am:

If the determination is made to open at 9am, the time of opening will be updated on the website.

  • All morning Cornerstone Clubs classes, workshops, swim lessons and specialty programs will be CANCELLED.
  • Classes, workshops and specialty classes that start at 11 AM or later will run as scheduled.
  • All specialty class and workshop participants will be provided a make-up class at the end of the scheduled session (please see your instructor for details).
  • Child Care Provisions: CornerKids childcare at the Doylestown, Warrington, and New Hope locations will open at 10:30am. Child care service at New Hope is available only for children under the age of 6 years due to playroom space restrictions.

Closed for the Day:

All specialty class and workshop participants will be provided a make-up class at the end of the scheduled session (please see your instructor for details).

The Weather report or actual hazardous conditions warrant closing the clubs early:

In case of early closings, if time allows, the Cornerstone staff will attempt to make courtesy calls to inform members signed up for spin, Pilates, functional training classes, healing pool classes and workshops.

We will do our best to announce any foreseen weather or emergency changes on the home page of each club when possible.