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Cornerstone Virtual Workouts

Recurring Live Streaming Classes


Silver Sneakers
Michael Strouse
*YouTube link will be added each week as it is available.

Pilates Mat
Emily Willmott


Gentle Yoga
Nancy D.
ID# 837 623 150


Aesha Tahir
ID# 216 714 428

Silver Sneakers
Michael Strouse
*YouTube link will be added as it becomes available.

Vinyasa Yoga
Lauren Otto
ID#364 938 559


Barre Express
Catie Tritremmel
ID#791 424 7878


Basic Fundamentals
Adam Darling
ID# 621440128

Silver Sneakers
Amy McGahran
Facebook Live
*To view this class, simply click on the class link above at 11:00am to view on our Facebook group page.


Gabby Lockwood
ID# 561 611 8687


Group Active
Gina Ranelli
ID# 338 198 972




Workout for Kids with Vicki Tenaglia.  This is so simple and fun. It's a great way to get the kids up and moving and making their hearts say "thank you".

Joy of Learning with Joy Darreff.  As always, Ms. Joy lives up to her name!  In this 20 minute video, Ms. Joy tries to recreate the fun of her weekly class for preschoolers (complete with songs, props and more!). It's really fun and your kiddos will love it.

Joy of Learning (2) with Joy Darreff.  Your kids will love another 15 minutes of fun with Ms. Joy!

FitKids Workout with Joy Darreff.  Keep the kiddos active and engaged with this simple and super fun 10 minute workout using a food can as a weight.

Story Time and Yoga for Kids with Sandy Gatto.  This quick video is so cute - your little ones will love hearing a story and doing some simple moves.



Silver Sneakers with Michael Strouse; originally live streamed 3/18/20.  You don't want to miss Michael's infectious energy.  All you need is a chair and perhaps a couple of water bottles for use as weights.

Silver Sneakers with Michael Strouse; originally streamed 3.23.20

Silver Sneakers with Michael Strouse; originally streamed 3.30.20

Silver Sneakers with Michael Strouse; originally streamed 4.1.20

Silver Sneakers with Mariela Doyle.  A terrific, well-rounded Silver Sneakers class with super sweet Mariela.

Forever Young Circuit with Cathy Manning.  A quick 20 minute workout for more active seniors.




Outdoor Workout Part 1 with Vicki Tenaglia.  Go outside, get some fresh air and get your sweat on without needing any equipment besides your body.

Outdoor Workout Take 2 with Vicki Tenaglia and Lisa Andersen.  Really simple and fun outdoor workout based on ladders - start with one rep and work up to 10.

Indoor Workout with Vicki Tenaglia and Lisa Andersen.  This is a great indoor workout using only your body and household objects!

Home Workout with Vicki Tenaglia and Lisa Andersen.  This thorough full body workout can be done inside or outside and with or without dumbbells.

Home Workout (2) with Vicki Tenaglia and Lisa Andersen.  Here is another killer workout with the dynamic duo!  No dumbbells at home? Try a few water bottles!

Home Workout (3) with Vicki Tenaglia and Lisa Andersen.  Challenging inside workout with or without dumbbells – 60 seconds beat the clock!

Home Workout (4) with Vicki Tenaglia and Lisa Andersen.  Challenging upper body and ab workout using dumbbells.

Interval Burn - with Jenn Cahalin and Michael Strouse;  originally live streamed Friday, 3/20. These two had a blast entertaining the rest of us with this high energy Interval Burn workout designed around simple body weight movements.

Quick Interval Burn Workout with Nadia Alashoush.  This is fun, fast, and easy to do in a small space.

Interval Burn with Sue Griffin.  Another phenomenal full body workout requiring only your own body weight. Sue will kick your butt! This workout also comes with written notes.

Interval Burn (2) with Sue Griffin.  Sue is back again with another full workout that will get you sweating!

Outdoor Functional Workout with Ann Krisher.  No equipment required (also includes a few cute puppy moments!)

Warm Up, Strength Part I, Strength Part II, HIIT with Scott Kunkel.  Warm Up:  Here's a quick and easy routine you can do at home. Execute this routine 2-3 times for a good 15 minute workout. This specific routine is designed as a warm-up but based on your current fitness level this may be a great feel good workout for you. Strength Parts I & II:  quick and easy strength routine you can do at home using your own body weight and household items. Execute this routine 2-3 times for a good 15 minute workout.  HIIT:  Execute this routine 2-3 times for a good 15 minute workout.

Full Body Workout with Alyssa Virginio.  A full body NO equipment needed workout; progressions and regressions shown for each exercise so it is great for all levels.

Tabata with Beth Gray.  Note from instructor - I recorded a 45 min Tabata class for my daughter's soccer team and thought I'd share here. No equipment needed- all cardio, bodyweight, and core. Enjoy! If you like it I can record and post more. Ignore the references to soccer and games!

Tabata 2 with Beth Gray.  Another workout from Beth for her daughter's soccer team - but great for anyone to do at home as well.

Cardio Interval Workout with Ellen Hill.  A one hour cardio interval class with weights. Make sure you have a mat, water and any kinds of weights you can find. Enjoy!!

Body Weight Cardio Workout with Ellen Hill.  This a Body Weight Cardio workout that requires no equipment other than a mat and a chair. Be sure to have something to drink and a towel. The very end of the video cut out for some reason but it's during the stretches and you can follow what Ellen did for the opposite side of the body.

Interval Burn with Ellen Hill.   This workout includes a set of compound exercises with or without weights, a core exercise and then a round of cardio (6 sets total).  All equipment is optional . . . weights, a step and a mat. 

Toilet Paper Workout with Adrianna Parsons.  Adrianna and her "training partner" demonstrate a quick cardio workout using all those extra rolls of TP you have stocked up!

Strength and Cardio Workout with Morgan Fink.  No equipment needed. Do indoors or outdoors!



Basic Core Workout with Sabrina Willard.  This quick 5 minute, very gentle core workout is based from the dead bug position. Maintain a neutral spine (belly drawn in at all times). Start with 10 reps of each and build from there. This is a senior-safe workout.

Core Progression Workout with Alyssa Virginio. This is a companion video to the Basic Core Workout and perfect for those who are ready for a bit more challenge.

Strength Workout with Sabrina Willard.  Looking for a quick strength workout that doesn't require any equipment? This 10 exercise workout is under 14 minutes long and can easily be accomplished in a small space.

Strength Training with Nadia Alashoush.  This 9 minute workout can be done with dumbbells (or small water bottles or cans as weights).

Ab Workout with Vicki Tenaglia and Lisa Andersen.  Give yourself a quick and complete ab workout in just a few minutes. Pair this video up with a cardio and/or strength workout.

Ab Workout with Tracey Kling.  A complete ab workout in about 11 minutes.

Foam Rolling/Stretching with Nadia Alashoush.   Grab your foam roller and a mat and give your body the stretch it deserves!

Full Body Strength Workout with Ellen Hill.  This is a full body strength video. Weights are used but they are certainly optional. You will need a mat or a towel for comfort.

Stretch, Roll and Release with Morgan Fink.  After doing one of the killer workouts on this page, follow it up with this fabulous 20 minutes of relief provided by Morgan. Your body will thank you for it!

Core Training Workout with Morgan Fink.  A complete core workout in just 20 minutes!

Paper Plate Workout with Joanna Abbott.   This is an awesome (and fun!) workout using paper plates as gliding discs - can be done on solid or carpeted floors!

Total Body Workout using resistance bands with Alyssa Virginio.  If you have a resistance band at home, you will love this quick 9 minute strength workout.

Total Body Workout using dumbbells with Alyssa Virginio.  This workout includes 10 exercises do 10, 12 or 15 reps 4X.

Water Bottle Workout with Joanna Abbott.   You may not have weights at home, but we bet you have a few small water bottles - in which case you are in for a great, quick workout with Joanna.



The Next Step with Teresa Whitcomb.  Please note that this video reflects the state of the current routine when the clubs when into hiatus (class is normally held Saturdays, 8:15am in Doylestown).  The routine is only about 50% finished and still has some way to go.  If you've never taken the class before, try it! You can always rewind!  Then, you'll be ready to join the live in-person class when the clubs re-open and learn the next steps in the choreography.

Advanced Step Workout with Sue Griffin.  60 minutes of fun step choreography with the always entertaining Sue. Moves are broken down, but if you don't get them right away, don't give up! Rewind, practice and jump back in.

Advanced Step 2 Workout with Sue Griffin.  Another great step workout from Sue - with new moves and music!

Basic Step Workout with Sue Griffin.  Simple and easy to follow choreography - fun!

Basic Step with Power Surges with Ellen Hill.  This is a "Step Surge" one hour video that incorporates basic step moves in 6 different combinations and power surges to get your heart rate up into the higher zones. You just need a step or a sticky mat, at towel and some water.

Basic Step with Teresa Whitcomb.   This 50 minute cardio workout includes a warm up, 3 discrete step segments and a quick cool down.  Lower body strengthening exercises are integrated with very simple, easy-to-follow movement patterns on and around the step. No step? No problem!  Simply eye ball a spot on the floor and go for it.



Dance/ Kickboxing/Barre/More

Let's Dance with Suzanne Safran.  This fun workout features Suzanne backed up by two fly girls (her daughters!) as well as the occasional neighbor. If this doesn't put a smile on your face, I don't know what will!

Cardio Kickboxing with Sue Griffin.   If you are the type who prefers to beat the heck out of stress, then you are going to love punching and kicking away your worries with Sue.

Cardio Kickboxing (2) with Sue Griffin.  Another phenomenal workout with Sue. Enjoy new moves and music!

Barre Express with Gabby Lockwood.  An amazing 30 minutes of Barre using a chair and some light weights if you have them. Ignore the nerf darts flying at the end!

Barre with Catie Tritremmel.  Enjoy a complete 50 minute Barre class with Catie. All you need is a chair as your "barre" and you are ready to go!

Towel Workout with Joanna Abbott.

TRX Standing Routine with Sabrina Willard.  If you have a set of TRX straps at home, you'll enjoy this quick standing routine with Sabrina.

TRX Suspended Quick Routine with Sabrina Willard.  Looking for a few ideas of TRX exercises where you are suspended...there are so many more but here's a nice place to get a few ideas. These exercises can be modified but are designed to be more difficult than the standing exercises.



Hatha Yoga with Anthony Tumolo.  Anthony has a great delivery with nice energy and clear directions.  This 60 minute Hatha class will live you feeling stretched and soothed at the same time.

Pilates Mat/Yoga with Bob Lonsdale; originally streamed 3/21.  Who doesn't enjoy spending an hour with Bob? Enough said . . .

Gentle Yoga/Yoga Nidra with Dawn Greenly.  If you are struggling to manage stress right now, then you absolutely do not want to miss this soothing experience.

Pilates Mat with Marie Stryjak.  Work you core front to back (and side to side) in this thorough 45 minute workout.

Meditation with Sandy Gatto.  This quick 7 minute meditation is a great way to start or end your day.

Yin Yoga & Chakras with Bob Lonsdale.  If you are trying to manage stress, then you absolutely cannot beat this hour with Bob.

Gentle Yoga with Tamara Nicholson.  A yoga class anyone can do!

Meditation with Katia Thompson.  Clear your mind, ease your anxiety and do yourself a world of good by spending 40 minutes with Katia.

Meditation (2) with Katia Thompson.  Another wonderful meditation class with Katie. And, at only 30 minutes long, you can easily make time for this during your day.

Seated Yoga with Sandy Gatto.  This is a very gentle and relaxing yoga practice.