Yoga Teacher Training


Join Master Teacher Karin Eisen for this special series on Anatomy for yoga teachers and enthusiasts.  Designed to help teachers improve their instruction and students to enhance their own practice, this series will lead you through yoga practices designed to help alleviate common problems.

Topics include:

  • Oh, my aching back! (lower back)
  • Yoga to strengthen the immune system
  • Oh, my aching neck and shoulders! (upper back)
  • Oh, my aching hips!
  • Oy, my tight hamstrings!
  • Yoga for women's health

8 separate classes meet once per month. Choose one, several or all! Teachers will receive 2 CEUs for each class.  For more information, contact Yoga Director Bob Lonsdale at 215.862.2200 or at


“The best way to understand something is to learn how to teach it.”

Is yoga your passion?  If so, then this training is for you.  Led by master instructor, Karin Eisen, this 200 hour yoga teacher training program will prepare you to teach with knowledge and confidence.  And, for those not necessarily interested in teaching, the training is still highly valuable as it will deepen your personal practice.  The program consists of three modules: Yoga Practice Foundations, Experiential Anatomy and The Art & Craft of Teaching.  Training begins September 2019 in Doylestown.  Learn more by joining us for one of three Open Houses:  Tuesday, 6/11 at 6:30 in Doylestown, Monday, 8/12 at 7:30pm in Warrington and Sunday, 9/8 at 10:45am in New Hope.  For more information, contact Yoga Director Bob Lonsdale at 215.862.2200 or at


Karin Eisen is a master of anatomy and alignment. In her teacher training, she is able to convey this to beginning or experienced students so that by the end of the teacher training, they understand the importance of alignment, detect errors in alignment, and offer modification or props. This deep understanding of anatomy allows her to teach logical sequencing so that teachers are equipped to take students through a class and reach challenging poses safely and confidently. Woven throughout her training, in addition to the focus on the physical practice is attention to the teachings of yoga, using classic texts as well as more modern interpretations of yoga philosophy, to bring her students to a better understanding of themselves.

I would recommend Karin’s teacher training to anyone who wants to deepen their understanding of the practice of yoga on many levels, as well as those who want to become a well respected yoga instructor. 

~ Margaret Henly, PT, DPT RYT-5000

Karin’s Yoga Teacher Training Program is a great way to enhance your own practice and a great way to learn to help others improve and change their lives through yoga.

~ Stephen Lauch  RyT – 200

Yoga Teacher Training with Karin Eisen is a fully immersive and complete experience. Using her extensive depth of knowledge and understanding, Karin leads students on a path of self-exploration to the place of inner confidence where teaching  skills naturally emerge. Karin makes yoga teachers!

~ Carol Yandle  RYT - 200

I was attracted to  studying Yoga Teacher Training with Karin Eisen because I appreciate her yoga teaching style which includes attention to anatomy and precise body mechanics. The curriculum was intense, comprehensive, and integrative for the body, mind and spirit. We learned a logical framework to create meaningful and safe classes. As a Physical Therapist, my patients have benefited from the education since the first day of class.  Upon completion, I now feel well-equipped to guide both my patients and students in a yoga practice due to Karin’s experienced teaching methods. 

Ruth Bischoff, PT, DPT