Group Fitness Workouts

Membership has its privileges - including access to onsite classes and virtual workouts

Barre Group Fitness Workout

Our two convenient Central Bucks locations include dedicated studios for Group Fitness, Indoor Cycling, Barre and Yoga.  We offer group fitness workouts for every level, from beginner to advanced, 7 days a week.  Senior-friendly classes are also available.  Because we are committed to the safety of members and staff, our classes are scheduled with substantial breaks in between workouts.  This allows us to thoroughly clean and sanitize all equipment after each use.  

Additionally, onsite Virtual Indoor Cycling classes are scheduled frequently throughout the day in both Doylestown and New Hope.  Finally, the vast majority of our onsite classes are also simultaneously livestreamed. This way, if you can't make it to Cornerstone, you can take Cornerstone with you - whether you are at home or on the road.

Virtual Workouts Are Convenient

As an added benefit to membership, Cornerstone now offers a robust virtual workout schedule (live streaming classes plus videos on demand).  You can now workout with us at home, on vacation, during a business trip or anywhere you like. 

Most classes are completely interactive, so you can connect with your favorite instructors and fellow members. All you need is a solid internet connection and a laptop, PC, phone or tablet.

Click below for a free copy of our live streaming guide.

What is Mossa?

Mossa is a leading developer of world-class professional group fitness programs including Group Power, Group Active and Group Centergy. New releases, launched quarterly, are tested for both programming and music and are taught by highly trained and certified instructors.