Great news – the clubs are open!    CLICK HERE to learn about our guidelines, safety standards and temporary operating hours.  We are open July 4th – Club Hours:  7:00am – 1:00pm.

Swim Lessons

The importance of swimming lessons for water safety cannot be overstated.

 Cornerstone’s swim lesson curriculum concentrates on safety skills first! We work to naturally introduce your child to the water by avoiding teaching tools such as backpacks/bubbles, goggles, and floatation devices in beginner levels. This ensures that your child is comfortable in the water and has all the masters beginning swimming skills without all the gear! In addition to our safety first attitude, our swim lessons feature a comfortable learning environment with the lowest teacher-to-swimmer ratios in the area! We have superior instruction and evaluation techniques allowing your child to master all the important stuff!


Online registration is
available to members. 
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To register by phone,
call 215-918-5900.

Private and Semi-Private
Swim Lessons are also available.
Please call 215.918.5900
for more information.

Contact our Aquatics Director,
Dot Maybaum.

Swim Lesson Policies

Supervision: Parents or guardians must remain onsite during swim lessons.

Non-Participating Children:  Non-participating children ages 1-10 are required to use the CornerKids Playroom (free of charge!) or wait with a parent or guardian in the atrium.

Class Cancellation:  After the first week of a swim session, classes with one child will be cancelled and/or consolidated. Program schedules are tentative and classes may be changed or cancelled at any time.

Observation:  Parents and guests must observe swim lessons from outside the pool area unless an invited observation is scheduled.

Cell Phones:  Cornerstone Fitness and Spa is a cell phone free zone. Please make and take calls from the atrium.

Photos/Videos:  Please refrain from taking photos/video during swim lessons. Under special circumstances, Management may approve photos to be taken.

Locker Rooms/Changing Areas:  Parents and children are highly encouraged to use the Family Locker Room for changing and showering.  In the event that these rooms are occupied, families are permitted to use the Women’s and Men’s Locker Rooms as an additional option.  We ask that parents accompany same sex children into the appropriate locker room up until the age of 6.  Children over the age of 6 may use the appropriate locker room as long as they act according to proper locker room etiquette.