Birthday Parties

CornerKids' Birthday parties are active, fun and completely focused on the birthday child.

Leave the work to us! We do all the set-up, playing, serving and clean-up.  We also supply invitations, decorations, stickers & lollipops for prizes, 2 hostesses and a GREAT TIME! You supply the birthday child, any food & beverages you would like to serve, and the paper products.  Our goal? To ensure that the birthday child feel specials among his/her friends and enjoys a birthday to remember!

Party Information

CornerKids parties are held
at our Doylestown location.

Saturdays & Sundays:
1:00 - 2:30pm & 3:30 - 5:00pm
Flexible options available
between 1:00 - 8:00pm

Special arrangements available!
Contact CornerKids' Director
Joy Darreff at 215.794.3700 or at

CornerKids Signature Party

Our focus is on making the birthday child feel special throughout the party! As the guests arrive, they are greeted by the party hostesses and the birthday child, given a name tag and escorted to the obstacle course where they play and interact with the birthday child, the party hostesses and all of the other guests until everyone has arrived!

Once all of the guests have arrived, the birthday child leads them in an individual challenge through the obstacle course! The guests cheer for the birthday child first and then for each other. The birthday child sits in his/her special chair at the end of the course and rewards everyone with a special CornerKids Bracelet.

For our scooter dice game, the birthday child scatters cones with numbers throughout the room. Everyone moves throughout the room to music on their scooter. When the music stops everyone scurries to a cone. The birthday child rolls the die and rewards his/her guests who are at the corresponding number with a sticker. No one gets a sticker until they stand up and wish the birthday child HAPPY BIRTHDAY in a very loud voice! By the end of the game, everyone has a sticker!

The Wall of Fun is always a favorite! The room is divided in half and the guests are split in two teams, each on one side of the room. An equal number of Nerf balls are tossed on both sides. When the music plays they try to clean up their side of the room. When the music stops, everyone freezes and the side with the least Nerf balls wins!

We wrap up our game segment with the parachute! Everyone grabs a handle and the birthday child sits in the middle for THE BIRTHDAY RIDE!! The guests and the hostesses circle around with the birthday child on the parachute singing happy birthday! Then, we continue with parachute games according to the age of the guests! PARACHUTE WITH CANDY – if you choose this option, you can provide candy with bags labeled with the guests’ names (alternatively, we can provide this for an additional $20). Candy is put on the parachute; the kids bounce it off and then fill their bags!

Cake time! The party room has already been set up by the hostesses. We take the kids in, sing happy birthday and serve the cake and snacks! If you choose to provide a meal, we will serve that first, before singing and serving cake!

Party Wrap up! At the end of the party, we create a “throne” for the birthday child to sit upon while giving out their party favors and thanking each guest individually for coming to his/her party. The party is ended by singing HAPPY BIRTHDAY one last time!

Birthday Party Options

In our experience, our Signature Party is preferred by most kids. However, we understand that some like options and so we offer the following substitutions:

Open gifts – the child may choose to open his/her gifts at the party instead of bagging them up and taking them home.

Hoppy Balls – some prefer this to scooters.

Relay races – if the birthday child and their guests are older and more competitive, these can be substituted for one or two of our signature options.

Yoga – we recommend this only if you are absolutely positive that all of your guests like yoga!! *Additional cost. *Only available if CornerKids is able to secure an instructor for the desired time/day.

Dance/Zumba –recommended for a group of guests who ALL positively love to dance! *Additional cost.  *Only available if CornerKids is able to secure an instructor for the desired time/day.

Book your child's next birthday party by contacting CornerKids' Director Joy Darreff at 215.794.3700 or at