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Water in Motion: Water Exercise Classes in Bucks County

Cornerstone Clubs Aqua Fitness Class

A few months ago, I told you about a new program here at Cornerstone Warrington, the Arthritis Foundation Aqua Program, which helps those with arthritis and similar conditions. But maybe you don’t need the Arthritis class. Maybe you want a class that is going to get you moving, get your heart rate up, and have you smiling most of the time. In that case I encourage you to try Water In Motion, our newest aqua exercise program!

Water In Motion is a low-impact, high-energy challenge for all fitness levels. If you are familiar with our MOSSA classes such as Group Power, Group Active or Group Fight, you will find Water In Motion similar in that there is a ‘routine’ that goes with each song.

Group aqua fitness class with  weightsEach song has a specific training purpose such as Lateral Cardio, Cardio Suspension, and Core, to name three.  Every three months the instructors get brand new choreography to share with participants, and each routine stays the same for about six weeks (with a little variation). In those six weeks, participants learn the routine and master the moves so that they can really maximize the principals of water to get a great workout.

Why Water Exercise?

Striaght leg and weight exercise in poolDid you know that water provides 12 times the resistance of air? This makes water a natural and adjustable weight-training machine. Moving through the water is like lifting “liquid weight”: the more force you use, the higher the resistance forces that act against you. The bigger you make your movement (straight arm vs. bent arm), the more resistance there is and the exercise is made more challenging. This allows participants to really get their heart rate up for a great aerobic workout. Because of this resistance, it is also good for maintaining bone density in the ribs, hips and spine.

Find Water Exercise Classes in Bucks County

Water in Motion Class Platiunum for Seniors and less physically active.There are two types of Water In Motion classes offered at Cornerstone – Water In Motion and Water In Motion Platinum. Platinum is the same low-impact, high-energy, fun workout as the regular class, but done at a slightly slower pace and held in our Healing Pool. It is specifically designed for those aged 65+ or new to exercise. The training purposes include Cardio, Balance, and Core, among others.

If you are looking for a great cardio workout that is gentle on your joints, I encourage you to try our water exercise classes in Bucks County – Water In Motion. I am really excited to bring this new program to Cornerstone and I am confident that you will love it! Classes are offered at a variety of times throughout the week at our Warrington location, and can be found on our Group Fitness Schedule.

Likewise, the Arthritis Foundation Aqua Program is now available free with membership on our Group Fitness Schedule.

Hope to see you in the pool soon!