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Water Exercise and Arthritis Foundation Aquatic Classes in Bucks County

Water aerobics is for more than seniors. It helps a wide range of physical problems.

When you hear the term “water exercise,” what do you picture? Most people will envision older people floating around and socializing, and don’t know that water fitness has many benefits for people of all ages and all ability levels.

While water exercise is gaining popularity with athletes, it remains true that it is most popular with older adults, those nursing injuries, and people suffering from arthritis and similar chronic conditions such as fibromyalgia and multiple sclerosis.

The Arthritis Foundation offers swim classes in Bucks County at Cornerstone Clubs fitness.Cornerstone offers water exercise and Arthritis Foundation Aquatic Classes in Bucks County, which are designed specifically for people in these situations. This warm-water exercise program is suitable for every fitness level and has been shown to reduce pain and improve joint function, muscular strength, and overall health.

Mounting evidence shows us that water exercise can improve the ability to perform daily activities, enhance muscular strength and endurance, increase lean muscle mass, increase cardiovascular fitness, and improve balance and core stability. This makes it great for older people, people with chronic pain or those recovering from injuries.

Gentle underwater stretching great on the body.Exercises include gentle stretching and strengthening, as well as optional low-intensity aerobic moves. The classes, led by specially trained AF instructors, are offered several times a week and provide a friendly and supportive environment. The classes are held in the water, but swimming skills are not necessary.

Although endorsed by The Arthritis Foundation, the classes are not limited to those with arthritis. They are a great alternative for people rehabbing injuries or recently completing physical therapy, as well as those with fibromyalgia, MS, and other neuromuscular disorders.

The way the water surrounds us in the pool allows us to experience less muscle soreness and tissue damage than traditional land exercise, also making it a great accompaniment to high intensity land workouts for athletes and healthy adults.

Deep water running is almost as beneficial as on land running with much less impact.Deep water running has been shown to have similar training benefits as land running but with up to 85% less ground force impact, allowing runners to continue training while recovering from injuries. Water exercise can also lower blood pressure, decrease blood sugar levels for people with type II diabetes and improve knee and hip osteoarthritis.

At Cornerstone Clubs, the Arthritis Foundation classes are limited in size, which allows the instructor to provide more individualized instruction than in a regular class. So whether you or someone you know is suffering from fibromyalgia, arthritis, finishing physical therapy for an injury, or just looking for a low-impact alternative, the instructor can adjust the exercises to meet your needs.  

For more information on water exercise Arthritis Foundation Aquatic Classes in Bucks County, contact Heather Wauls, Group Fitness Director, Warrington, at 215-918-5900 or, or talk to a membership advisor about enrolling in a class.