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Swim Lessons in Bucks County: Summertime Is Best for New Skills

One of the most common times that a parent signs up a child for swim lessons is right before the summer begins when they realize their children aren’t quite where they want them to be swim-level wise and they are worried about their safety. 

Swim Lessons

While this is a completely legitimate concern to have and it’s a fantastic reason to register a child for swim lessons, it’s not realistic to hope that a child will become water-safe over the course of one set of lessons (especially if it’s the only time during the year that they are taking a lesson). 

When a child is learning to swim, there are several things to consider:

  • How often are they being exposed to water?
  • Are they actively practicing the skills they are learning over the course of the lessons?
  • Do they have the opportunity to build upon skills learned previously or are they only given a short period of time in which to learn the necessary skills?

For children to learn to swim and become water-safe as quickly and early as possible, they should be taking lessons year-round to encourage continuous learning and growth. If year-round lessons aren’t possible for your family, the best time to take lessons is during the summer months, and yet it is the most underutilized time!

The Advantage of Summer Swim Lessons

Children will have the most exposure to water during this time allowing for tons of practice and the highest potential for growth. They will have a chance to swim with their families and show off/practice the skills that they are learning in their lessons. They will get constant and consistent exposure to water which is a huge opportunity for both the student and the instructor to encourage them to try new skills.

No matter the frequency at which your children take lessons there is no denying that lessons are essential to ensure that children are water safe and can participate in water activities without fear of the unknown. 

Overall Benefits

The benefits of lessons are endless and here are just a few:

  • Water is everywhere and a child who learns to swim early in life can will be able to enjoy the water for a lifetime
  • Swimming can be done in so many different ways
    • Exercise
    • Recreation
    • Team Sport
    • With friends, with family, and alone
    • Therapy

Summer Swim Coupon

Aquatic_Coupon.jpgNo matter when you do lessons, any time in a lesson is extremely beneficial to grow as a swimmer. If you are interested in swim lessons in Bucks County for you or your child, you need look no further than Cornerstone. We have extremely low teacher-to-student ratios, experienced instructors, a warm welcoming environment, and a staff that absolutely loves to be directly involved in the development of a skill that can be a lifelong passion.

For more information about swim lessons in Bucks County, including family swim, open swim times, and our aquatics program for adults at Cornerstone, please call 215-918-5929, or email our Aquatics Director at