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Summer Camp in Doylestown – SUMMERKIDS Are Fun & Active at Cornerstone

Kids at Summer Camp at Cornerstone Clubs

The SummerKids Summer Camp at Cornerstone Doylestown is a very special program. Starting June 18th and running for nine weeks, SummerKids camp focuses on helping kids stay active all summer long and provides opportunities for healthy socialization. 

It’s NEVER too early to start living a healthy lifestyle

According to the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 74% of children ages 5 – 10 do not get enough physical exercise and 12.5 million children ages 2 – 18 are considered obese.  Children need at least 60 minutes of daily play with moderate to vigorous activity to maintain a healthy weight. But, in this age of digital distractions, it can be tough to get kids moving. 

Giant slip n slide at Cornerstone CampsAt SummerKids Camp, kids have multiple opportunities to get active every day. Whether it’s playing group games like basketball, volley ball or Gaga, participating in fun fitness classes like rope jumping, Zumba™ or yoga for kids or running up and down the hill while enjoying the giant slip and slide, kids participate in daily, age-appropriate activities designed to get them moving in a fun and motivating way.

Kids unplugging and drawingIn addition, through various arts and crafts and science activities, kids are taught about what it means to live a healthy lifestyle through both activity as well as healthy eating. Last year, kids helped plant and maintain a small vegetable garden and learned all about making healthy eating choices.

According to CornerKids Director Joy Darreff, “We tell kids, if you are sitting on the couch eating junk food, your heart isn’t going to feel good. Same thing if you are connected to a phone or other device for hours each day. But when you are exercising and your heart is going fast and getting stronger, that makes your heart say thank you. It’s a simple way to instill the desire for living healthy. Every day you need to make your heart beat fast and work; when it beats fast, that’s your heart saying thank you. And we talk to the kids about the need to do that every day.”

In order to really connect, kids have to unplug

Young Teens playing with ball unplugging from technology to communicate with each other face-to-face.In speaking with Joy, it’s clear that one of her greatest passions when working with kids – especially during summer camp – is to get kids communicating with one another in person versus via a device.  “Kids are overwhelmed by technology.  Because they are so hooked on devices like phones, computers, TVs and gaming systems, they are losing the ability to interact in a healthy social way with others.”  At SummerKids, active healthy living involves not just exercise and a healthy diet, but also the ability to get along in a positive manner with others. 

One of Joy’s mantras is “teach kindness.”  To that end, kids are guided to treat one another with kindness and to learn how to be both gracious winners and losers.

Taking it a step further, camp also focuses on building an awareness of how to help others. Last year, camp kids participated in an initiative to collect jump ropes for an organization that sends them to under-privileged kids in poor countries. The kids embraced this and took their philanthropy home with him – often involving their families in the effort. They collected a lot of jump ropes!


Here are a few other things that make SummerKids camp special:

  • Camp staff have long-term experience working with kids  and are able to  pull the best out of each child; our staff have been doing this a long time.
  • Each age group is capped to twenty children and the whole camp is capped to 120 children – this ensures that kids get more individual attention.
  • Camp is scheduled into 30 minutes rotating blocks giving it more structure; this makes the program more purposeful.
  • Kids are grouped with peers of the same age ensuring more appropriate activities for each age levels.
  • Activities are rotated so that kids spend some time inside and outside each day.
  • Camp culminates in the Celebration Of Fitness where they celebrate the fitness they’ve gained and participate in a one mile fun run at the Doylestown Central Park with their parents.

SummerKids Summer Camp is one of the BEST camp values around.

Our regular camp rates are highly competitive, but if you act soon, you can take advantage of our Early Bird Rates which are available only until March 31, 2018.  Camp is strictly limited to 120 children and typically fills very quickly.

Lil’ Rascals Preschool Camp │for ages 2 & 3 │ 9 a.m. – 11 a.m. │ limited to 20 children

SummerKids Summer Camp │for ages 4 – 12 │9 a.m. – 12 p.m. │limited to 100 children

Counselor In Training (CIT) Program │for teens ages 13 – 15 who would like awesome on-the-job training working with young children as a resume builder for babysitting or other childcare jobs

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