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Stay Healthy By Boosting Your Immunity

Immunity is a BIG topic right now! At Cornerstone, we continue to encourage members to wash hands regularly and wipe down gym equipment before and after use.   But what can you do beyond the gym walls to help?  The Cornerstone Wellness Team put together a few Immunity-Boosting Tips to help today and EVERY DAY to boost your resistance!


Moderate levels of exercise don’t just lead to general good health. Exercise may contribute more directly to the immune response by enabling healthy circulation. Your immune response will be more efficient thanks to that good circulation! With that said, DON’T OVERDO IT! If your exercise sessions bring your body to exhaustion, it can hinder the immune response.


We all have it! Whether it’s work demands, family obligations, or the environmental toxins that surround us, we are constantly putting stress on our bodies. The real question is – how do we deal with it? It can be as simple as a walk outside in the sunshine or something new, like a mindfulness practice but recognizing, acknowledging and responding to your stress can help keep stress hormones – which suppress immune response – to a minimum.


Sleep is imperative to restoring your body’s immune function. Lack of sleep can affect stress hormones and alter hunger hormones, which can in turn cause you to eat less healthy foods.


The most controllable source of inflammation is your diet. Cut out highly processed foods, meat, sugar, alcohol, and vegetable oils.


Deficiencies in specific vitamins and minerals, like vitamin C, vitamin E, zinc and selenium, can hinder your first line of defense against germs. Check out the list below for some suggestions to boost your immunity:

  • This one is a given but foods high in vitamin C: Citrus foods like oranges, grapefruit, lemon and limes; kiwis, apples, berries, spinach and bell peppers
  • Almonds: with big supplies of Vitamin E, this antioxidant fights off free radicals in the body
  • Sweet Potatoes: High in B vitamins and the antioxidant, Vitamin A
  • Pumpkin Seeds: these little dynamos are high in Zinc
  • Fish: Yellowfin tuna, sardines, oysters, clams, halibut, shrimp, salmon, and crab all have good levels of selenium; Don’t eat meat? Try Brazil Nuts instead!
  • Garlic: Garlic has antiviral compounds that help in fighting off infection
  • Spices: They don’t just spice up your life, they add to it! Ginger, cayenne, cinnamon, oregano and turmeric. Pro tip- eat turmeric with black pepper to increase absorption!
  • Dark Leafy Greens: Dark leafy greens are some of the most nutritious foods on the planet, and adding more to your diet will provide you with a host of health benefits. Dark leafy greens have
  • vitamin C, iron, folate, and vitamin A as well as many other beneficial vitamins and minerals.

The Wellness Team at Cornerstone is available to guide you to resources at Cornerstone that will help with nutrition, stress-management, exercise and wellbeing. Stop by the service desk in your home club to set up a complimentary appointment.