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Spa and Fitness Father’s Day Gifts in Bucks County

Fathers Day Gift CertificateIt is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.  – Mahatma Gandhi

Every June, Americans spend time wracking their brains over what to get their fathers or husbands for Father’s Day …   Another tie? A bottle of wine or after-shave? How about a power tool? Fishing rod? CD? Funny t-shirt? Ugh!!! 

I don’t know about your father or husband, but neither of mine are interested in more “stuff.” So, this year, why not consider giving a gift that is really valuable – the gift of good health. 

According to the World Health Organization, good health is a “state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” A truly meaningful gift can help the men in our lives achieve this state of well-being.


Massage is a great way for overworked or stressed out people to decompress and relax. But, it can be much more than that. Regular massage can create significant health benefits such as improved joint flexibility, reduced muscular soreness, decreased anxiety and pain and increased energy. At Cornerstone, our licensed therapists have experience in multiple modalities. And with 60- and 90-minute appointments available at all three of our locations (Doylestown, New Hope and The Spa in Warrington), it’s convenient too!

Personal Training

Personal Training at CornerstoneHas it been a few years since dad put on a pair of athletic shoes, or is he a hard core fitness addict? The beauty of personal training is that it is completely individualized.  For those returning to exercise after a long break, a personal trainer can be indispensable, providing guidance, support, motivation and accountability.  For those who exercise regularly, a trainer can help clients break through plateaus, mix things up and take fitness to a whole new level. And, best of all, personal training is highly flexible.  At Cornerstone, we offer individual 30- and 60-minute sessions (which can also be purchased in discounted multi-packs) as well as buddy and small group training sessions. Dads can schedule sessions around their busy schedules at their convenience.

Small Group Training Classes

There are huge benefits to working out in a group, ranging from increased accountability, motivation, camaraderie and fun (which shouldn’t be under-rated – fun workouts are ones we look forward to repeating!).  At Cornerstone, we offer innovative and effective small group training classes that you simply cannot find any place else. 

At our Warrington club, we offer Tribe Team Training.  Results oriented and limited to 10 people per class to ensure personal attention, Tribe classes are coached by specially trained, licensed personal trainers. Participants can choose between three programs:  TribeLIFE™ – a low impact functional training workout; TribeCORE™ – designed to bring toning, strength and power to your core; and TribeFIT™ – a high intensity strength and cardio conditioning program.   Progressive and professionally designed, these training session WORK. Not only do they result in measurable physical improvements, but Tribe team members enjoy a high level of camaraderie and support because they work out together  two times a week for 6 week sessions. 

Is the man in your life into gadgets and very tech savvy? If so, then Flexline™ classes offered at our Doylestown club might be the perfect fit for him. Flexline™ equipment, offered exclusively at Cornerstone, delivers on the promise of a full body workout whether someone is looking to build muscular strength or endurance, power or speed. Flexline’s patent pending AIR Dynamic Cable Trainer (DCT) couples pneumatic pistons with Bluetooth enabled Smart Handles, allowing someone to adjust weight on the fly at the touch of a button and quantify his workout. Flexline™ classes are efficient (allowing participants to change weights at the touch of a button), safe (no bulky weights to change, no spotter required) and limitless (train at maximum effort for maximum results). 

Finally, if variety and flexibility are top priorities, then consider Trainer’s Choice classes which are offered in Doylestown and New Hope.  Taught by certified personal trainers, these high intensity classes vary from day to day and instructor to instructor keeping things fresh, fun and unpredictable.  Cardio, strength, mobility, speed and agility are the focus.  Classes are scheduled multiple times throughout the week allowing people to drop-in at their convenience. 


While non-members can take advantage of many of the services available at Cornerstone, including the ones listed above, they can’t access everything that Cornerstone has to offer – which means they are missing out on a lot, including substantial member discounts! If you really want to give the man in your life a gift that matters for the long term – a gift that says I care about you and want you to live the highest quality of life for the longest possible time – then why not consider giving him a membership?

Membership at Cornerstone Clubs comes with many benefits:

  • universal access to all three Clubs’ locations
  • free consultation with a Wellness Coach
  • over 300 complimentary classes per week including indoor cycling, yoga, Zumba®, aquatics, strength and cardio
  • discounts on all products and services including massage, personal training, swim lessons, Holistic Health Coaching, Pilates Reformer, small group training as well as discounts at The Spa

With three convenient locations and a friendly and supportive staff, Cornerstone clubs makes it easy for the guy in your life to take care of himself, and enjoy spa and fitness Father’s Day gifts in Bucks County.

June Special Offer – for Dads and Grads!

Father's Day_2017_social media copy.pngFrom June 5 – 18, we are offering a gift-card give back – the perfect gift for fathers, recent graduates (and everyone else for that matter!). Anyone purchasing a club gift card during these dates will receive an additional 10% –  up to $250 per card! Likewise, anyone purchasing a gift card at the Spa will receive 10% back in Spa Bonus Cash – up to $250 per card*!

*Cannot be paid for with SpaFinder or SpaWish gift cards.

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