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Our Customers’ Picks: Favorite Spa Treatments in Bucks County


If you’re considering gifting an experience this year, in place of a material item, for a loved one (or yourself!) – how  about one that contributes to relaxation, stress relief and overall wellness?

We are used to hearing rave reviews here for the staff and services at The Spa at Cornerstone in Warrington. Below are are some favorite spa treatments in Bucks County, as recommended by The Spa’s biggest fans.

Ann’s Picks: Four-Way Tie – Manicures, Pedicures, Massage, Waxing

Woman getting manicure. The Spa at Cornerstone hass manicures and many other services available.It’s almost impossible to single out any favorite spa treatment because the primary reason I go to The Spa, regardless of treatment, is to improve my well-being whether it’s physical (a massage, for example) or emotional (to feel good about my appearance as a result of a manicure, pedicure or wax treatment).  Every treatment that I receive is one that I have proactively chosen and the result is ALWAYS positive.

I have been a client of The Spa for more than 10 years.  My first treatment was a manicure; I now have regular appointments for manicures, pedicures, massages and waxing.

All of the treatments I receive are provided with professionalism, care and a genuine feeling of wanting to ensure that I am completely satisfied with the end result.  Every treatment is given with personal attention; I’ve never felt rushed, and always feel as if the provider is interested in me and is interested in my well-being.

Carole’s Picks: Reflexology, Facials – “Just for Me” Time

Foot reflexology is a wonderful service available at the Spa at Cornerstone Fitness.For at least 8 years, I’ve been receiving services at the Cornerstone Spa.  These services include a facial, stringing, reflexology and hot wax. My favorites are the reflexology and facial. These are pretty much the only “just for me” things I do for myself and are the only times I can completely relax/rejuvenate. More importantly, my time at the spa is the only time I find myself completely free of my back and leg pain as well as my irritable bowel pain.  I consider my time at the spa beneficial to my health and wouldn’t want to give it up!

Betty’s Pick: Facials

Quote from Betty, The Spa at Cornerstone has the best massages, manicures and pedicures around.I would have to say that getting a facial with Jasmin is my favorite treatment at the Cornerstone Spa. She is very knowledgeable and I always have good results. I have been coming to the Spa since it opened, and I find the massages, manicures and pedicures to be the best around. I have recommended the Spa to all of my friends and given many treatments as gifts.

Amy’s Pick: 90-Minute Massage

Woman getting a massage. The Spa at Cornerstone offers a wide array of massages by experienced massage therapists.My favorite treatment is the 90-minute massage with John. I’ve been receiving massages with Cornerstone since 2012. The massage therapist always checks in with me first to see what I’m looking to receive out of the massage, to identify problem areas, or any issues I’m looking to work on. I love The Spa at Cornerstone. The staff is very warm and helpful.  I always leave feeling relaxed and refreshed.

Jenna’s picks: Facials, Massage

Woman gettnig facial. One of the many services offered at The Spa at Cornerstone.I have been a client at the Spa at Cornerstone for almost 15 years. I have tried a couple of others, but truly this is my favorite and I no longer patronize others. My favorite services are the facials provided by Jasmin. She not only asks how your skin is feeling, but how you are feeling. She makes any fine adjustments as needed. I love that my face feels soft and it glows. Also, I recommend the massages for stress relief. Cornerstone Spa’s variety of services, staff and facilities keep me coming back.

Shelia’s Picks: Massage for Arthritis Relief

The Spa therapists at Cornerstone offer wonderful help with massage for arthritis.It is hard to choose a favorite treatment because every treatment I have had at the Spa has been wonderful. So if I have to choose one it would have to be massage.

I see Melissa when I come for a massage. She is kind, caring and helps so much with the pain I experience on a daily basis from arthritis. She is knowledgeable, professional and a great teacher/resource to help the client keep her/his joints healthy.

The atmosphere overall is so relaxing, you can sit and read while waiting for your treatment, have a cup of tea or a glass of lemon water and also relax when you are done. It is a no cell phone zone which is a real plus!!

Jackie’s Pick: Facials – Like a Massage for Your Upper Body

My favorite is a facial. It is like a massage for your upper body. When entering The Spa, it always smells relaxing and inviting. I’m always greeted with such a welcome and offered a beverage. I have been going to The Spa for years. All of the services are wonderful.

Kristin’s Pick: Facials, Holistic Approach

Accupuncture available at The Spa at Cornerstone helps with many types of stress.I have been a faithful fan of the spa for many years and have enjoyed a myriad of services ranging from facials, acupuncture, waxing, nails and massage. Facials are what initially drew me in but all subsequent services have been wonderful and administered with attentiveness and care. To me, what makes this spa so special are the people who work there.  It is a welcoming environment with no pressure to purchase products or buy additional services. I know I am being treated by experts at the top of their profession and appreciate their knowledge in all things health and beauty.  They have helped me resolve skin issues and introduced me to a more “holistic” approach to wellness. I cannot recommend it more highly so go ahead and treat yourself – you will not be disappointed!

Robin’s Pick: Facials, Massage

It’s hard to say which of the services are my favorite. I have been a long-time client getting manicures & pedicures (with Tham) on a regular basis. When I want to treat myself, the facials with Jasmin or massages with Rachel or John are wonderful! The staff is so friendly and accommodating. I highly recommend a visit to the Spa at Cornerstone!

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The Spa at Cornerstone is a full-service day spa located in the Health and Wellness Center in Warrington. For more information or to schedule an appointment with one of our specialists, please call 215.918.5950.