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How Cornerstone Makes Me a Better Mom

Janelle and her family on a boat

Cornerstone makes me a better mom, and when I look around the Cornerstone clubs, I know that I’m not the only one who feels this way.  It’s not just a “mom” thing either. Dads and grandparents are benefiting too. Anyone with the task of keeping up with little ones knows the physical, mental and emotional challenge it can be. 

Janelle and family at home at EasterI can come up with 101 excuses every day for not working out; some days, the time spent making excuses could actually have been used just getting the workout done. Recently, a co-worker mentioned how her father instilled in her the “pay yourself first” mentality. Even though I’ve heard that before and it normally pertains to finances, I really took it to heart in how I spend my time as a mom.

There’s also the common saying, “You can’t pour from an empty cup. Take care of yourself first.” Again, I’ve heard this one many times, but always seemed to come up with excuses why it wouldn’t work for me and why my time is best spent on everyone else in my household. It’s taken me 8 years and 3 kids to realize that I’ve been playing the martyr.

How to Set Yourself Up for Success

So I decided to try making appointments in my calendar for my personal wellness and then keeping them. Keeping them is big part of this! How often do we make promises to ourselves that we easily break, when we would never break a promise to our partner or our children?

This is where Cornerstone comes in.  Cornerstone sets me up for success by combating many of my excuses:

  • I don’t have time.
  • I’m bored with my workouts.
  • What about the kids?
  • I’m not seeing results, so why bother.

Janelle and kids at Cornerstone fitness GymGuilt-free Care for Your Kids

First of all, Cornerstone has awesome childcare and children’s programming!!  My big kids ask to see their friends and favorite “teachers” in the playroom and they can’t wait for the start of SummerKids Camp again this year.  The staff loves my baby like she’s their own which completely stops mom guilt in its tracks.

Great Classes With Support for You

Janelle getting fit with her personal trainerSecond, Cornerstone has amazing workouts. We offer a huge variety of functional training workouts that are both time efficient and effective. Functional training prepares you for activities of everyday life and parenting is one physical job. Ask anyone who has carried an infant car seat. Tribe Life is my favorite workout and the name in itself says it all. The relationship with my Tribe mates and my coach is another big motivator for me. The exercises are challenging and the results are unlike any other workout I’ve done.

After taking on kettlebell walking lunges with my Tribe, I am ready to take on whatever my strong-willed 5 year old brings my way.