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Fabulous at 50: Kristin Tomlinson and Wellness Coaching

Susan Welch and Kristin Tomlinson wellness coachingCornerstone member Susan Welch (pictured, right) tells the story about how her mentor, nutrition and wellness coach Kristin Tomlinson (left), has reached a milestone age so gracefully.

As a Cornerstone member for over a decade, I recently decided it was time for a fitness reboot.  The first step in that quest was a consult with Cornerstone’s Nutrition and Wellness Coach Kristin Tomlinson, who recently celebrated her 50th birthday and exemplifies all that’s fit and fabulous about this semi-centennial age.

Coach Kristin celebrates 50 proudly, because, in terms of health and fitness, she says, “the effort I put in makes this age feel less intimidating. I also respect it and I do notice changes and I feel that I try to work with them rather than ignore or push away from them.”

Nutrition is a factor in wellness coachingShe also finds it validating that her years of conscientious nutrition, exercise, and overall healthy living have paid off. “It’s pretty gratifying when you’re in the field to know that all of these things consistently, most definitely work to keep you healthy and happy.”

And yes, she’s seen changes like her eyesight not being as great as it once was and hormonal shifts.   “I’m also aware that it feels chemical and I feel that I have some control over it,” she points out.

Walking to reduce stressHer number one recommendation for wellness begins with stress reduction.  She says if you can’t get some semblance of control over the daily pressures of life, you can’t get control of health.  “There’s no equity in your health bank at all.  Something has to disrupt the hamster wheel even if it’s 5 minutes of meditation, yoga, stretching, breathing, a hot bath, reading a great book, taking a walk, whatever it is.” she adds.

Yoga meditation for wellnessCoach Kristin speaks from experience, citing a time in her life when she was grappling with issues like allergies, blood sugar problems, lack of energy, high anxiety, cholesterol spikes and weight gain.  The first person she reached out to was a yoga teacher and nutritionist who, Tomlinson says, changed her life.  “The first person I reached out to was a yoga teacher/nutritionist because I knew that somehow food was a factor.  After I met with her, she changed my entire life.  It all began with food and yoga, on an equal plane; they were interconnected.  The yoga quieted me down enough to know I wanted to make changes.  Yoga quiets the static,” she explains.

Checking blood pressureMy own conversation with her included some functional screenings and a Wellness Score measuring factors such as weight, body mass index, blood pressure, and core strength and flexibility.  Tomlinson suggests doing this every 3 months or so. “Numbers can be of great assistance in formulating a plan,” she explains.

Most of all, Coach Kristin wants you to know she’s there to provide you with a non-intimidating way to get the most out of your Cornerstone Clubs experience.  From a conversation to an introduction to trainers, and equipment or massage services, Tomlinson is there to guide your wellness journey.   “If people need a cheerleader they can have it,” she says. 

Wellness coaching Because Cornerstone Clubs believes so strongly in the importance of wellness coaching, all members receive a free 60-minute Initial wellness coaching session. This includes discussing goals and interests, and mapping out a customized plan so you can get desired results, as well as the most from your membership.

Cornerstone also offers Holistic Health Coaching, which also integrates whole-food based nutrition into your long term-plan.

Make your appointment with Coach Kristin today to discover how to fully engage in all Cornerstone has to offer.