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Yoga Teacher Training Program in Bucks County

Teaching someone something is the best way to learn that something yourself.

The best way to understand something is to learn how to teach it.

Did you know that there are 36 million yoga practitioners in the United States? As the demand for yoga instruction grows, the need for committed and passionate instructors will increase as well.

Cornerstone Clubs offers a 200-hour yoga teacher training program in Bucks County, which is registered with Yoga Alliance, the largest non-profit association representing the yoga community. Led by Karin Eisen, E-RYT 500, Cornerstone’s yoga teacher training program begins this September. Interested in learning more? Read on to find answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Do I have to become a yoga teacher to take Part in a yoga teacher training program?

No. Some people take teacher training as a way to learn more about yoga in general and their own practice in particular. During training, students will have to teach their fellow classmates, but this is good for deepening one’s own practice. One of the best ways to make sure that you know something inside and out is to explain it to someone else.

There are many ways to teach yoga, large or small classes, or special niches such as abused women or medically challenged are just a few.

I love yoga and think I want to teach it, but I don’t see myself teaching yoga in a large class in a studio or a gym.

Teaching large classes in a studio or gym is not the only way to teach yoga. There are many ways to specialize in teaching yoga; you can teach privately, in the corporate world or in special niches like places serving abused women and kids, seniors, and the medically or physically disabled.

I can’t touch my toes, stand on my head, do a split or wheel. Can I still become a yoga teacher?

OMG!  Yes!  I couldn’t touch my toes for the longest time when I first began teaching yoga. I thought I wasn’t good enough, or a “real” yoga teacher because of that. 

Touching toes is a great goal when learning yoga.

But, what I saw as a detriment actually became a skill. If the yoga poses come easily to you, you might not understand why others can’t do the things you can do. I had to figure out how to touch my toes and that skill helped me explain to others what they needed to learn and do in order to become more flexible, too. I learned a lot about flexibility, both mental and physical, anatomy, alignment, the physiology of stretching plus patience and surrender, too. All of these lessons served to help me become a better teacher. I knew about the hard work and dedication necessary to achieve a pose. I also knew about the dangers of caring too much about achieving a pose and pushing too hard and getting injured in the process!

How long should one have been practicing yoga before beginning a yoga teacher training program?

When I first started training yoga teachers, I thought people should have at least three years of practice before embarking on a teacher training program. The more you know about yoga and the more adept your practice is, the more you will absorb from the training program. However, one of my friends and students said that she signed up for teacher training after only one yoga class. Now, she had been teaching other forms of fitness before. But, once she found yoga, she just fell in love with it.  I like to encourage students to follow their passion.

The great thing about becoming a yoga teacher is that you can be just about any age.Am I too old or too young to do a teacher training program?

The beginning of the Yoga Sutras starts with Atha Yoganusasanam, which means “Now Yoga.”  This can be interpreted to mean that now is the right time to start yoga. If you are considering becoming a yoga teacher, only you know if it is plausible for you to move forward towards that dream. 

I have back pain (or neck, shoulder, knee, hip, etc. …) Should I do a yoga teacher training Course?

If this is something that you chronically struggle with, but it doesn’t keep you from living your life, then I don’t see why not. Honestly, though, only you can answer that question.  If your injury or syndrome incapacitates you, then perhaps now is not the best time and you should wait until you are feeling better. However, I can tell you that your experience is common. A lot of yoga students and yoga teachers will suffer from these common ailments from time to time.  Your experience can actually help students.  Look up Matthew Sanford.  He is a yoga teacher who is paralyzed from the chest down.  He has a book entitled “Waking.”  It is a must-read. 

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact Karin Eisen at

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More about Karin Eisen:

Karin Eisen started yoga in the 1980s.Karin began studying Iyengar yoga in the 1980’s and has studied anatomy, physiology, Shiatsu massage, and the philosophy of yoga to further enrich her own understanding of the mind, body, and spirit. Being particularly known for her extensive knowledge in adjusting and assisting, she brings this into every one of her yoga teacher trainings. Having completed yoga training programs in Iyengar, Ashtanga, Power Yoga and Anusara, Karin has become a widely respected and skillful yoga teacher.