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Cornerstone Staff and Fitness Instructors Share Their Happiest Workouts

Happiest workout - Group of fitness trainers

Cornerstone Clubs is fortunate to have a team of committed employees who are passionate about fitness – and who love sharing it with others!  We surveyed a few of our happiest warriors at our two locations (Doylestown and New Hope), and asked them to share the workouts that bring them joy.

Michael Strouse, Personal Trainer & Fitness Instructor – New Hope:

Happiest workout - Boxing classMy happiest workout is definitely Boxing Team Training with Dean Smith. Two of my teammates come to my Spin Express class right beforehand and we all go into boxing ready to go. It’s a great workout,  but also great camaraderie – only made better by the standout training and personality that is Dean. I’m not the most skilled boxer but that’s not what it’s about. The TEAM really helps each other improve and we have a ton of fun doing it!

Alyson Zimmer, Fitness Instructor:

Happiest workout - Treadmill workoutMy happiest workout includes the alpine pass program on the Star Track treadmill.  Treadmills can be boring especially during the long winter. I find that the mix of hill and speed work keeps my interest and challenges my endurance all the while by being “mindless.” Try adding increments of five minutes each week to really up the ante. Mixing up the training can keep your body and mind in the game.

Having said that, Group Power has always been a favorite even before I became an instructor. The choreographed, total body moves with the bar, body weight and balance are effective and safe even for the novice gym member – but will challenge even the seasoned lifter as well. Not to mention the music is awesome! Heading to the gym can be the hardest part of a workout. Once at Cornerstone, it’s hard not to be happy when you’re with your friends, working out and boosting those anti-aging endorphins!

Tracey Kling, Personal Trainer:

happiest workout - meditationMy happiest workout at Cornerstone is what I call my “mental strength” workout. Yes, it is not your typical class here at Cornerstone, but it is my mental decision to push past my comfort zone.  It is the workout I do along with running, strength training, sprint work, and even core training.  When I do it, I feel like my goal is closer within reach. This helps me beat back that little voice in my head that says “ take today off” and I feel stronger and more empowered.   I love it because the “mental strength” workout helps me always put a little more effort and mindfulness into everything that I do.  I would recommend  my “mental strength” workout because the more you practice it, the stronger you become and the more you can handle life’s little (or big) challenges!

Hot YogaStephen Lauch, Yoga Instructor:

Hot vinyasa yoga is my passion. It opens my mind and my heart.  It frees my spirit to bring smiles to the world.

happiest workout - indoor cyclingMarci Capel, Membership Advisor:

My happiest workout is taking the Spin/Yoga Fusion class with my daughter. We don’t often get to work out together due to our schedules, so when we’re able to connect with each other in this class taught by Sally Huebner and Bob Lonsdale, it’s motivating and fun!

Janice DiLello, General Manager:

battling ropesMy most joyous workout is a functional training workout. I incorporate everything including ropes, farmer walks, TRX, slamming weighted balls, push-ups, and my absolute favorite activity – the speed bag workout. It is so empowering for me to box. I have mastered the art of speed and control while I get my heart rate up and my arms toned. Not to mention, no thoughts, just a great mindfulness workout. That is my happy workout!  

Ryan Rostine, Personal Trainer:

happiest workout - HIITMy favorite workout at Cornerstone has to be a workout I put together for myself that incorporates weights, plyometric exercises and some core work! I love this workout because it keeps me on my toes and does not get boring! I feel like I’m always trying new things to push myself outside of the box and that feels great! Add to that my favorite playlist and being in the gym with people that share my same love for fitness…that makes a great workout that I love and look forward to doing!

Ann Krisher, Personal Trainer & Fitness Instructor:

runningMy favorite day of the week is Wednesday because that is the day I do my happiest workout, speedwork at the track followed by bleacher jumps, bleacher running, suicide drills and ab exercises.  Ladders (200m, 400m, 600m, 800m, 800m, 600m, 400m, 200m) are my favorite kind of speedwork. I do this workout with friends which makes it even more special.  This makes me happy because I love to be outside sweating and working toward my racing goals.

The workout melts away stress and leaves me with a feeling of accomplishment.  Pushing past the comfort level is difficult, but the harder I work, the better I feel when I’m done. The endorphins are the best! I will often top this off with TRX moves at Cornerstone. My favorites are Sprinter’s Start, Lunges, Pistol squats, ab plank pike ups and mountain climbers.

Colleen Crunkleton, Yoga Instructor:

Weight lifting classA yoga teacher lifting weights? You bet! And for over 30 years too! I love taking a muscle class, especially Joanna Abbott’s Tighten ‘N Tone class at 8:30am on Mondays in Doylestown.  The combination of music, variety of exercises, fantastic teacher, sweat, and lots of smiling is just great. I learn lots too. But, I also strength train alone once a week too.  In a way, It’s a moving meditation. I get to breathe, align, focus, feel, balance, and strengthen my bones and muscles. I make sure to take a nice long stretch at the end (some yoga included of course). And when I’m all done, I’m happy, invigorated, and ready for anything.

Stephanie Boyne, Fitness Instructor:

happiest workout - Group Power Class at CornerstoneThere is no greater joy to me than the shared experience in Group Active.  Group fitness has always been a party-like experience for me, but there is something about Group Active that makes me smile bigger and work harder.  The music is amazing, the moves make me feel like an athlete, and I can modify to any level I need to.  As an instructor, I love watching people learn the moves and feel confident once they master them.  There is no greater joy to me than watching people have fun while working out.  THAT is what fitness is all about!  Finding your soul-mate workout! Let’s MOVE!

Bart Lorenzo, Personal Trainer:

Kettle Bell SquatsHere is my Happy Workout. My favorite piece of equipment is a Kettlebell. After a dynamic warm up which includes a 6-way Kettlebell carry walk, I do the following: Goblet Squats  (10 to 12 reps), 2 Handed Hip Swings (10 to 12 reps), High Pulls (8 to 10 reps each arm), Racked Squats (10 to 12 reps), Overhead Presses (8 to 10 reps each arm), and Reverse Lunges (8 to 10 reps each leg). I do this twice a week for eight weeks, starting with 2 set in week 1 and adding a set in week 3 and 6. What makes me happy about it is that when I am done, I know I have had a great work out and it is a great way to introduce members in the club to the benefits of Kettlebells.  I can usually count on someone asking, “What are you doing?”

So, now you’ve learned about some of our team’s happiest workouts. Here’s hoping that reading them inspires you to find a workout that gives you joy and keeps you coming back for more!