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Cornerstone Personal Training: 10 Reasons to Try It

With summer right around the corner, you might be starting to panic about getting in shape for the warmer weather and all of the fun activities that go along with it. Or maybe you’re already exercising but are not seeing the results that you were hoping for and are starting to get discouraged.

Well there’s no need to panic! These are just some of the signs that it’s time to ask for help. And why not ask the experts – Cornerstone personal trainers!

Cornerstone Personal Training

Personal training is a wonderful service that everybody can benefit from. It’s no different than going to mechanic to work on your car, or going to a nutritionist for help with your diet. It’s simply working with a fitness professional to help improve your health and wellbeing, in whatever way that means to you.

If you’re unsure if Cornerstone personal training is right for you, here are 10 reasons why you should hire a personal trainer:

1. You want a personalized fitness plan

Personal trainers will get to know your unique needs and goals and will create a personalized fitness plan just for you. Don’t waste your time with cookie-cutter routines that you found online or copied from a friend. We are all unique, and what works for one person might now work for the next. So invest in a plan that was made specifically for you.

2. You’re not seeing results

Nothing is more frustrating than working hard in the gym and not seeing the results you were hoping for. This doesn’t mean that you should give up, it just means that you need to switch things up! A personal trainer will help develop a workout for your specific workout goals. If your goal is to lose weight, and you have been going for a walk outside 3 times a week without much success, then a personal trainer can help change up your routine to elicit the results you are looking for. 

3. You don’t know where to start

Just the thought of starting an exercise program can be overwhelming. There are so many different choices out there! Zumba? Spinning? Weight training? Water aerobics? How are you supposed to know where to start? By meeting with a personal trainer they will give you the guidance you need to get started safely and appropriately. They will set you up for success from the very beginning!

4. You’re bored with the same old workouts

Exercise should be enjoyable! If you’re getting bored with the same old workouts, then that’s an obvious sign that you need some variety in your routine. The chances are, if you’re feeling bored with your workout, so is your body. And this is when we start to hit a plateau. Or even worse, we get so bored that we just stop exercising! Doing some personal training can help expand your routine and make it fun again!

5. You need to be challenged

If you’re workouts are starting to feel easy, then it’s time to kick it up a notch! Challenging your body is the key to success. However you need to make sure that you do it appropriately to avoid injury. A personal trainer can help you do just that! They will know exactly how much to challenge you to help you safely reach your goals.

6. You want to learn how to exercise independently

Have you been doing group exercise classes and workout DVDs for so long that you don’t know how to exercise independently? Let a personal trainer show you the way! Once they get to know you, your goals, and any injuries you may have, they can show you how to safely exercise on your own. They will teach you how to have proper form on certain exercises, and where exactly you should be feeling the muscles working. This way when you’re on your own, you can feel confident that you’re performing the exercises properly.

7. You need accountability and motivation

With how hectic everybody’s lives have become, it can be very easy to push exercise aside. However, if you hire a personal trainer you will have a scheduled appointment that you are expected to show up for. And you don’t want to let them down right? When was the last time you just didn’t show up to a doctor’s appointment? Hopefully never! This is the same concept! When you know that your personal trainer is there waiting for you, you are much more likely to show up to the gym!

8. You have a specific injury, illness or condition

Having a specific injury, illness, or condition can make exercise seem a bit more challenging. Maybe you feel really limited and don’t see the point in starting an exercise program. However a personal trainer has the knowledge and experience to help you overcome those issues and still reach your goals! A personal trainer will take into account your medical history and take you through exercises that are safe for you.

9. You’re training for a sport or event

There’s no better motivator than signing up for a sport or event that has a specific start date! But maybe now you’re starting to panic about how to train and prepare? Let a personal trainer help you! Whether you are a football player, dancer, or training for a half marathon, a personal trainer can help create a plan to help prepare your body for the upcoming event/sport season.

10. You want supervision and support during your workout

When was the last time you had the supervision and support you needed to stay safe during your workouts? Maybe you need someone to watch your form for safety. Or maybe you need someone to push you to finish those last two reps when you really want to give up. Your personal trainer will be there to do both. They are an extra set of eyes to help you execute proper form with every exercise, and they are there to give you words of encouragement when the workout gets tough. They are on your side and want to see you succeed just as much as you do.

Being healthy and exercising isn’t easy. But having help can be the difference between staying the same and reaching your goals.  So why not hire a personal trainer to help you reach your goals quickly and effectively?