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Common Questions About Covid 19 Vaccines In Bucks County

Here we address common questions about Covid 19 vaccines in Bucks County. 

Unfortunately, demand for the new Coronavirus vaccine is high, but supply is low. So, what is the actual status of vaccines in Bucks County and when can you expect to have access to one?

When Will Vaccines Be Available?

According to the state, Covid 19 vaccines will be rolled out in two phases with phase one consisting of three sub-phases, 1A, 1B and 1C. Currently, we are in phase 1A. In this phase, various medical personnel, emergency workers, people 65 and older and those ages 16 – 64 with high risk conditions qualify to receive the vaccine when available. To learn more about the phased rollout and to sign up for a vaccine when you meet the criteria, CLICK HERE.

Covid 19 Vaccine


Where Can I Get A Covid 19 Vaccine When Available?

Major hospital systems and medical providers have been provided with a limited supply of vaccines.  Each hospital and provider has their own procedures and guidelines – and all require appointments.  Right now, there is only one vaccination site available through the Bucks County Health Department. This is located at Woods Services.  It is only available to front line health workers and first responders who cannot get vaccinated elsewhere. For more information about the vaccines, the phased rollout and vaccine provider information, CLICK HERE.


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How Much Will The Covid 19 Vaccine Cost?

The vaccine will provided to everyone at no cost, regardless of whether you have health insurance. However, there may be fees associated with doctor visits or other office administration fees.

How Long Will I Have To Wait?

A large number of people are eligible for the vaccine during this first phase 1A, but the vaccine is in short supply. According to the state, about 3.5 million people qualify, but there are only 1 million doses currently available. As for subsequent phase rollouts, the timeframe is currently unknown. At the current supply rate, it could take several months to a year to vaccinate those eligible in phase 1.  The good news is that additional manufacturers have vaccines in the pipeline.  If other safe, effective and more efficient options become available, then obviously that timeline will speed up. 


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As more information becomes available, Cornerstone Clubs will pass it along to you.  If you would like to check the most up-to-date data from the state, we recommend that you regularly check Pennsylvania’s Vaccine Information page.  

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