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Best Fitness Classes in Bucks County – MOSSA at Cornerstone


If you’ve spent anytime perusing our classes schedule, you’ve probably noticed many references to something called MOSSA™. So, what is MOSSA? MOSSA is Italian for MOVE! 

Mossa Fitness Programs at Cornerstone ClubsMOSSA is the most respected developer of professional, high quality, enjoyable group fitness workouts in the health club industry today. MOSSA’s mission is simple. Their goal is to INSPIRE PEOPLE TO MOVE. At Cornerstone, we were so impressed by MOSSA’s programs (and the fact that their mission aligns so closely with our own), that we decided to offer four of them to our members. In Doylestown and New Hope, we offer Group Power®, Group Fight® and Group Blast®. In Warrington, we offer Group Active®.  New versions of each program, called releases, are launched quarterly so the workouts stay fresh, fun and engaging. 

So, what makes the MOSSA programs so special? First of all, Mossa has the most comprehensive and thorough Program Development process in the industry. Over 300 hours of effort are poured into each and every program release to ensure participants’ enjoyment and success. This includes an unsurpassed, methodical testing phase that consists of 150 test classes for just one workout. This testing phase guarantees that both the music and exercise programming are motivational, safe, and effective.

Further, MOSSA instructors undergo a rigorous training and certification process which includes months of practice, 16 – 24 hours of professional training under MOSSA supervision and a final video certification. By keeping standards high, MOSSA ensures that its programs are delivered by motivating and highly skilled instructors, guaranteeing the same high quality member experience from class to class.

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Group Power is a results-driven fitness program.GROUP POWER® is the most enjoyable way to strength train! Group Power is a results-driven strength-training workout using an adjustable barbell, weight plates, and body weight. Group Power combines traditional strength exercises with the hottest functional training moves to make you fitter and stronger. High-rep training, athletic movements, and a periodized training approach are key components of this results-driven workout. Add to this dynamic and motivational music and it simply is the most fun you’ll have strength training.

Group fight is an challenging and explosive cardio experience.GROUP FIGHT® is an explosive MMA cardio and strength workout. Group Fight is for anyone wanting a challenging, athletic, and motivating workout. It’s explosive, electric, and thrilling. MMA moves drive a great cardio experience that also strengthens the entire body. It’s a great way to add variety to your training and improve timing, precision, and focus. Plus it’s a great way to kick stress out of your life! 

Group blast is an unequaled cardio workout using the step.GROUP BLAST® is a cardio workout like no other.  Group Blast is a great cardio alternative to walking, running, or stair climbing because you will do it all: walk, jog, run, jump, plyometrics, balance drills, lateral drills, and quickness drills – all on and off The STEP – to exciting energetic music. With the many exercise options and the adjustability of The STEP, intensity is easily managed so anyone, from new to exercise to an athlete in training, will feel successful.

Group active is the best place to start working out.GROUP ACTIVE® is a great place to start.  Group Active is a simple and athletic program drawing from all four elements of fitness: cardio, strength, balance, and flexibility. Group Active is perfect if you are new to exercise or have not exercised in a long time. Also ideal for the super busy and fit who need to get it all – cardio, strength, balance, and flexibility.

Free Class PassPrint out the MOSSA free class pass coupon and try any single class for free.

We invite you to experience MOSSA yourself!  Each program is suitable for all fitness levels because you can work at your own level.  Check out our Mossa class schedule and choose a class.  Then print this FREE CLASS PASS and bring it to the Cornerstone Club location hosting your chosen class.

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