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Month: August 2019

Help Warrington Personal Trainer Alyssa Virginio Support Unite for HER.

Alyssa competing at a Spartan event.

Two years ago I began my journey of becoming a Cancer Exercise Specialist. Since then, I have had the privilege to work every day with some of the most inspiring people. They have taught me that life doesn’t have to be perfect to be wonderful. My clients never back down from a challenge. They continue to push themselves though any adversity life throws at them.

My clients inspire me.

Working with the Cancerfit program at Cornerstone Clubs in Warrington has allowed me to become a huge part of my clients’ recovery process. Staying physically active has helped them to grow, both physically and mentally. My clients now live life stronger than before and feel that they have regained control of their health and happiness. I have been participating in Spartan Races since 2015, and I believe the races embody the same drive as the clients that I work with. Spartans believe in changing your frame of reference and transforming your life. Spartan’s laugh in the face of failure and continue forward. They welcome challenges and embrace discomfort, and so do the clients I work with. They inspire me to take on my own challenges.

Alyssa at an event (left) & a recent group of CancerFit graduates (right).

Unite for HER serves women with breast and ovarian cancers.

Therefore, as a provider for Unite For HER through the Cancerfit program, I am motivated to compete in my next Spartan Race as a fundraiser for this amazing organization. The mission of Unite for HER is to bridge the gap between the medical and wellness communities by funding and delivering complementary therapies that support the physical and emotional needs of those with breast or ovarian cancer during treatment and beyond. They educate women and the community about the role played by healthy lifestyle choices in the prevention of disease and the promotion of wellness.

Please help me support this worthy cause.

I’m am using my next Spartan event to raise money for Unite For HER.  Your contribution will make an impact, whether you donate 1 cent or $100, every penny counts. Donations can be made HERE.

Alternately, you  can donate in person at the Warrington location of Cornerstone Clubs. Thank you for your support and donation in the fight back against cancer.

“Be active. Be curious. Be human. We are unbreakable. We are strong. We are Spartan.”

Race Information: Citizens Bank Park, Philadelphia, PA; Saturday, September 21st 2019