As part of our "Refresh Project" in Doylestown, the fitness floor will CLOSE as of 8am on Wednesday, 8/7 for an anticipated 10 days.  The closure will include the cardio/strength equipment areas and the Strive/stretching areas. The free weight/functional training areas, Group X studios and children's areas will remain open.  We invite you to use our New Hope and Warrington facilities during this time.  Please check back for regular updates and thank you for your patience as we update the club.  

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Month: April 2017

Cornerstone’s Health and Wellness Gifts for Mother’s Day

The groundwork of all happiness is good health. ~ James Leigh Hunt

When thinking of gifts for mom, usually the first things that pop to mind are flowers, jewelry and chocolate.  As a mom myself, I’ve always enjoyed receiving any of those things (especially chocolate!).  But, I don’t really need them. If I’m honest with myself, one thing I really do need is more time, especially time for myself.  Most moms are so busy working, managing a household and taking care of other people that they often don’t have much time left to take care of themselves.  This year, why not consider giving mom a gift that really matters – some time to focus on her own health and wellness.


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2 Free Lectures on Wellness and Aging, with TRUBIOHEALTH

Julie-Bick-new.pngLECTURE 1: 
with Dr. Julia Helstrom, D.O., ABIM

with Dr. Julie Bick, PhD, Flowmetric Diagnostics Chief Scientific Officer

Thursday, May 11

Health & Wellness Center Auditorium, Warrington
1 p.m. and 6 p.m.
Call 215-918-5900 to reserve a spot

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How to Prep for a 5K

The annual springtime Bucks 5K Series season is upon us! This includes 7 race options for local runners, racers, and rookies. 5K races are great events that bring people together whether it’s the running or the cause.

How to Prep for a 5k

In preparation for the 5K Cornerstone, on Saturday April 22, which also includes a 2-mile Health Walk and 1 Mile Fun Run, we’ve put together some tips to help you plan for this type of event. Don’t worry about performing well. Simply relax, control your breathing, and enjoy the day.

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