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Posted April 7, 2020

Most importantly, we hope that you and your families are healthy and safe. All of us have come to appreciate the importance of community in our lives. We are blessed to have the Cornerstone community at a time such as this.
We hope you’re able to take advantage of the many online options we’re providing during the closure. Whether you’re participating in a virtual offering or visiting us on social media, it’s a great way to connect with friendly, familiar faces.
We’d like to take this opportunity to provide an update since our last correspondence. From the beginning, we realized the importance of providing timely and transparent communication to our members and staff.
As of April 4th, we made the difficult decision to furlough all but a handful of administrative and essential operational staff, with the intention to bring them back on payroll as soon as possible. Your generous support has allowed us to create a fund that will provide employees under our plan, 100% coverage of their health, disability, and life insurance costs through April 30, 2020. That fund also allowed us to pay ALL staff in-full for a 3rd week of our shutdown. We are thankful and moved by your generous support.
We are aggressively taking advantage of every federal and state program available to us, but the process has been slow and challenging. We know that government funding and your generous support will help to ensure the longevity of our business and provide the opportunity to bring staff back onto payroll as soon as possible.

Please note that membership dues have been automatically waived for every member through April 30. But, if you’d like to continue paying your dues, please CLICK HERE, fill out our form and indicate “opt In”. All members who opt in will receive a $75 gift card upon re-opening.

If you have generously allowed us to continue billing at your regular membership rate and at some point you feel you are unable to continue doing so, you can notify us by April 24th to change your status.

The difficult decisions that are required at this time have been made with only the best interest of our staff and our Cornerstone Community. Our intent is to ensure Cornerstone will be here for you when we are able to re-open and that our staff is supported in every way possible.Stay well and stay safe!


Jim Bishop

***Note:  with the clubs closed, the best way to reach us should you need to is by filling out our CONTACT US form.


We knew all along the culture created at Cornerstone with members and employees was special, but you never quite appreciate the magnitude of something intangible like that until it’s gone. We miss each and every one of you! Please know we are thinking of you, hoping you are staying well and taking care of yourselves both physically and mentally.
Since we closed down on March 15 as per Governor Wolf’s recommendations, we have been inundated with an overwhelming amount of support and encouragement from our membership, specifically with regard to paying our employees for as long as possible.
Needless to say, this is and has been one of our top priorities.  We continue to investigate every source of income or assistance available via federal aid, insurance, deferred bank payments and loans. But, there is tremendous uncertainty surrounding these options and no end date to this crisis. So, while we are still paying our employees, we know we can’t do so indefinitely. 
Many members have reached out to ask us to continue taking full dues or to waive any potential credits so that our employees can get paid. Your generosity has moved us greatly.  After much consideration, we wanted to make this option available overall, since the best way for us to continue to support our employees immediately and for as long as possible is if you request billing your monthly dues as usual.
Please note that membership dues have been automatically waived for every member through April 30. But, if you’d like to continue paying your dues, please CLICK HERE, fill out our form and indicate “opt In”. All members who opt in will receive a $75 gift card upon re-opening.
Please know that if you have generously allowed us to continue billing at your regular membership rate and at some point you feel you are unable to continue doing so, you can notify us by April 24th that you would like to change your status.
These truly are unprecedented times that require difficult decisions. Please know our intent is to make sure Cornerstone will be here for you when we are able to re-open and that, meanwhile, our staff is supported in every way possible. We look forward to the day when our Cornerstone family is back together!
Jim Bishop
Cornerstone Clubs


A letter from President and Owner Jim Bishop

As we are all aware, much has changed since our March 14 announcement based on the Governor’s recommendation that all non-essential businesses close for two weeks.  As per Governor Wolf’s new recommendations, these closures have been extended. 

Unfortunately, we cannot provide a definitive date for re-opening.  Therefore, please be assured that all active members will not be billed for April’s membership and will be put on hold until further notice.  As stated in our previous announcement, the two-week credit that was slated to be issued in April will now be provided to you as a two-week membership credit upon return. 

Given the changing circumstances, we are pursuing every opportunity to support our employees during this shutdown.  Initially, our team was fully compensated for the two-week period to ease the financial burden in order to be home and secure their personal family needs. 

Moving forward, we are diligently investigating every opportunity of income or assistance available via federal aid, insurance, and deferred bank payments and loans in order to sustain our business for the benefit of our staff, members and community at large.  At this time, I’d like to take a moment to share my heartfelt gratitude to you for the overwhelming support and encouragement you have shown to our employees – it has been uplifting.

I’d also like to thank our fantastic staff for their commitment to keeping people active and moving during this challenging time.  Even though we can’t get together in person, they are making it possible for you to continue to meet your health and fitness needs with familiar faces by providing fitness videos, written workouts and timely wellness information (all of which can be accessed on our website).

Look for further communication from me as we learn more.  In the meantime, please know that we are thinking of you and hope you are staying well and taking care of yourselves.

Posted March 14, 2020

In keeping with Governor Wolf’s most recent recommendations, Cornerstone will be closing for two weeks. All clubs will be closed from Sunday, March 15 through Sunday, March 29 (The Spa will close on Monday, March 16) and are tentatively scheduled to re-open for business with regular operating hours on Monday, March 30.

Because we value your wellbeing, it’s our sincere desire to relieve any anxiety, uncertainty or financial stress that may be experienced by anyone in our Cornerstone community during this time. As a result, we are taking the following steps during this two-week shutdown:

All active members will be issued a two-week billing credit which will appear on the following dates: New Hope and Doylestown members will receive the two-week credit on the 4/28 billing and Warrington members will receive it on the 5/2 billing. 

All Cornerstone staff will continue to get paid during the two-week shutdown.

Please note that with the safety of our staff in mind, we have asked all employees to stay home. Consequently, there will be no one available at any club location to answer phone calls until we re-open on March 30.

Please stay safe everyone. Our best wishes for the health and well-being of you and yours during this difficult time.


Posted March 11, 2020

Cornerstone Members:

We want to thank all of you for the consideration you’ve recently shown to your fellow members and to our employees. We deeply appreciate the efforts everyone has made in following the CDC precautions regarding Coronavirus and other flu/colds. 

At this point, and with the health and wellbeing of our members and staff foremost in mind, we would like to inform you of further measures that Cornerstone has been and will be taking to safeguard our fitness community.

All clubs CLOSED on Sunday, March 15th for deep cleaning and Medicleaning sanitization:

Cornerstone staff will be deep cleaning all areas of each club on Sunday, 3/15. Following this, Medicleaning (a medical standard commercial cleaning provider) will treat all clubs and The Spa using their specialized cleaning process:

Used in medical facilities, college universities, and clean room situations that require high level disinfection, ElectroStatic Application Disinfecting is a positive charged application of disinfecting agents for more complete coverage. Micro Fog allows the disinfecting agent to penetrate areas not accessible by normal cleaning practices. The system works by delivering a powerful flow of charged particles that are attracted to surfaces with a force stronger than gravity, allowing the solution to easily reach and uniformly coat surfaces including germ hotspots like the sides, underside, and backside of surfaces, where conventional cleaning methods might miss.

This service kills 99.9% of bacteria including Coronavirus, MRSA, Norovirus, and cold/flu viruses, and more in 2 minutes or less. Unlike using a spray bottle and rag, this process provides 100% coverage and is ideal for large facilities such as schools, airports and healthcare buildings.

Additional Measures:

  • We have stocked up on a 6 month supply of gym wipes and are in the process of stocking up on hand sanitizer.
  • We have increased our housekeeping staff and are putting extra emphasis on regularly sanitizing high touch areas.
  • We have removed or cordoned off all soft props in the yoga rooms (blankets will be washed).
  • The service desk is encouraging members to give their name or number versus handing over a key card.
  • Playrooms have removed all small toys and objects that can be mouthed and have stepped up disinfection protocols.
  • The Spa has added hand sanitizer and alcohol in all treatment rooms and throughout common areas, fleece face cradle covers have been removed and treatment beds are entirely wiped down with alcohol between each service.

As you all know, the situation is fluid right now. As circumstances change, Cornerstone will adjust as needed to ensure the health and safety of our members and staff which is, as always, our top priority.  We believe that exercise is vital to maintaining good health and wellbeing (as well as being a natural immunity booster)  and we are doing our best to make sure that you can continue your exercise routine in the healthiest and safest environment possible.  As of now, all clubs will re-open according to regular schedule on Monday, 3/16

For the most up-to-date information, please make sure you regularly check your email or the home page of our website for further updates.

Thank you.

Cornerstone Clubs