Adult Programs


Ever wanted to run for fitness but weren’t sure how or where to start? Maybe you run 5Ks but want to improve your training program? This program is for everyone! Train with our running coach who believes that baby steps are the key to success. Training may be indoors on treadmills or outdoors when weather permits. This workshop concludes with the Cornerstone 5K held right here at The Wellness Center on April 20, 2019 and includes the registration fee for that race.

Location:  Warrington
Day(s):  Saturday
Time(s):  8:30 - 9:30am
Start Date:  February 23. 2019
Duration:  9 weeks
Instructor(s):  Jan Yerkes-Roop


Taught by the fabulous dancers of Dancer’s Extraordinaire, Date Night Dance and Latin, Ballroom & Swing classes are proudly offered at our Doylestown and New Hope facilities throughout the year.  These classes are the perfect way for you to prepare to impress on the dance floor at your next wedding, anniversary party or other celebratory event.  Nothing special scheduled on the calendar?  Consider dance classes for their many benefits.  Dancing is a great form of cardiovascular exercise which encourages proper body posture and alignment. Dance lessons can help you become more flexible, agile and graceful – both on and off the dance floor. Dancing can improve your mental and emotional health – and it’s fun!

Location:  New Hope & Doylestown
Day(s):  Tuesdays OR Wednesdays
Time(s):  7:30pm (Tues) & 8:00pm (Wed)
Start Date:  March 12 & 13, 2019
Duration:  8 weeks
Instructor(s):  Dancers Extraordinaire


Meditation has many benefits including decreasing stress and improving sleep quality. In this four week workshop, find out what meditation really is, what the benefits are, and how the different styles vary. Different styles will be discussed each week with an opportunity to practice at home. You will also learn how to set yourself up for successful meditation practice with tips for stretching, breathing, etc. This class is appropriate for anyone wanting to learn how to improve their quality of life.


Location:  Warrington
Day(s):  Wednesdays
Time(s):  7:45pm
Start Date:  April 3, 2019
Duration:  4 weeks
Instructor(s):  Ogden Kruger