Adult Programs

2019 - 2020 DANCE CALENDAR

We offer a variety of adult dance classes in both our New Hope and Doylestown locations.  Classes include dance styles like Latin, Ballroom, Swing, Hip Hop and Country Line Dancing.  For a comprehensive list of our dance classes through mid-2020, please click the button to the right.

Location:  New Hope/Doylestown
Day(s):  Various
Time(s):  Various
Start Date:  Various
Duration:  Various
Instructor(s):  Mary Tawa or Dancers Extraordinaire


Line dancing is a popular form of dance that anyone can do! It is a fun social dance style where the dancers learn a choreographed pattern of steps that repeat throughout the song.  Many of the country and pop dances we will learn are well known and are often done at bars and parties around the country! The special health benefit of line dance is that it combines both the mental and physical aspects of exercise, thereby improving both memory skill and endurance. But most importantly, dance is just plain fun and raises the spirit. So join in, learn something new, meet new friends, feel good, laugh and LINE DANCE!

Location:  New Hope
Day(s):  Friday
Time(s):  5:30pm
Start Date:  January 10, 2020
Duration:  6 weeks
Instructor(s):  Mary Tawa


Make it a date night with Dancer’s Extraordinaire. Sign up for this class to learn partner dancing in many different styles of dance including Ballroom, Latin, Swing and more! For couples only.  No experience required. 



Location:  New Hope
Day(s):  Tuesday
Time(s):  7:30pm
Start Date:  January 14, 2020
Duration:  10 weeks
Instructor(s):  Dancers Extraordinaire


Always dreamed of making a graceful impression on the dance floor? Now is your time to learn the most popular dance styles!  No partner necessary.  No experience required.  Be prepared to get out on the dance floor at your next wedding, anniversary or other celebration.




Location:  Doylestown
Day(s):  Wednesday
Time(s):  8:00pm
Start Date:  January 15, 2020
Duration:  10 weeks
Instructor(s):  Dancers Extraordinaire


Are you looking to lose 20 or more pounds?  This specialized 8 week weight loss program  will give you the jump start you need!  By working with a certified personal trainer and a certified nutrition health coach you will receive both the fitness and personalized nutritional guidance necessary for lifestyle changes that will ultimately lead to weight loss.



Location:  Various
Day(s):  Various
Time(s):  Various
Start Date:  January 20, 2020
Duration:  8 weeks
Instructor(s):  Cornerstone Staff


For beginners of all ages and abilities, this is a 6 week introduction to the ancient Chinese martial art, exercise, and moving meditation known as  T'ai Chi Chuan.   This dedicated series is designed so that students will learn several postures each week and by week 6, perform the complete 13 posture Yang form. With regular practice students can expect some health benefit within 1 or 2 weeks. 




Location:  Warrington
Day(s):  Thursday
Time(s):  6:30pm
Start Date:  January 23, 2020
Duration:  6 weeks
Instructor(s):  Chris Plummer


Join certified personal trainer Joanna Abbott for a 10 week training session designed specifically for Dragon Boat racing athletes.   This workshop will include an emphasis on strength training for the back and shoulders, core training and cardiovascular endurance via intense intervals.  Learn how to train hard and smart in order to become a more powerful and effective racing competitor.





Location:  Doylestown
Day(s):  Sunday
Time(s):  10:45am
Start Date:  January 26, 2020
Duration:  10 weeks
Instructor(s):  Joanna Abbott