Adult Programs


For beginners of all ages and abilities, this is a 6 week introduction to the ancient Chinese martial art, exercise, and moving meditation known as T'ai Chi Chuan. This dedicated Series is designed so that students will learn several postures each week and by week 6, perform the complete 13 posture Yang form. Students can count on taking home two things from every class - a new T’ai Chi posture, and a few moments of stillness gained in the renowned “flow” of T’ai Chi. To aid students with their practice, the teacher provides “class notes” via email, and access to his own YouTube videos of individual postures as well as the complete Form.

Location:  New Hope
Day(s):  Thursday
Time(s): 3:00 - 4:00pm
Start Date:  October 18, 2018
Duration:  6 weeks
Instructor(s):  Chris Plummer


Welcome Back to You! The secret weapon to daily stress is a scheduled time out.  You'll leave feeling refreshed and inspired with a personalized road map and tools needed to stop daily stress. Gentle somatic movement, restorative yoga  and deep relaxation through yoga nidra are some of the practices you'll experience. Go home feeling great!


Location:  Warrington
Day(s):  Saturday
Time(s): 1:00 - 4:00pm
Start Date:  November 3, 2018
Duration:  1 day
Instructor(s):  Deb Kurilla


Taught by the fabulous dancers of Dancer’s Extraordinaire, Date Night Dance and Latin, Ballroom & Swing classes are proudly offered at our Doylestown and New Hope facilities throughout the year.  These classes are the perfect way for you to prepare to impress on the dance floor at your next wedding, anniversary party or other celebratory event.  Nothing special scheduled on the calendar?  Consider dance classes for their many benefits.  Dancing is a great form of cardiovascular exercise which encourages proper body posture and alignment. Dance lessons can help you become more flexible, agile and graceful – both on and off the dance floor. Dancing can improve your mental and emotional health – and it’s fun!

Location:  New Hope & Doylestown
Day(s):  Tuesdays OR Wednesdays
Time(s):  7:30pm (Tues) & 8:00pm (Wed)
Start Date:  November 6 & 7, 2018
Duration:  5 weeks
Instructor(s):  Dancers Extraordinaire


“The Best dharma practice, the most perfect, most substantial, is without doubt the practice of bodhicitta.”

Bodhicitta is simply to open our hearts to all sentient beings with compassion. It’s often called the “Wish Fulfilling Jewel,” because like a magic jewel it brings true happiness. This unique workshop will open up with a discussion about the Bodhicitta way and into a guided meditation on Bodhicitta. After, you will move into various subtle stretches to open the body slightly and then ease into a yin/ restorative sequence to relax more and feel the ground beneath you. It is a time to quiet the mind and open the connected tissues as well as restore the nervous system of the body. It will end with an extended blissful savasana.

Location:  New Hope
Day(s):  Saturday
Time(s):  2:00 - 4:00pm
Start Date:  November 10, 2018
Duration:  1 day
Instructor(s):  Terri Adler