About Flexline

When was the last time a product delivered on the promise of a full body workout? Whether you’re looking to build muscular strength or muscular endurance, power or speed, Flexline provides the full body results you are looking for.

Flexline has intuitive Smart Handle technology which allows you to change weight on the fly. This allows for no limits - you can train at maximum effort for truly maximum results. Say goodbye to bulky weights and hello to all the strength training equipment you need for a limitless number of exercises. A Flexline workout is also completely safe. You can ease in and out of position prior to setting weight eliminating the need for a spotter.

Benefits of Flexline


  • Strength
  • Efficient
  • Safe
  • Completely eliminate set down and set up injuries
  • A true full body work out
  • Enjoy versatile work outs
  • Mix up your routine

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Director's info

  1. Support , motivation, and fun provided by our friendly and educated staff; starting with a free consultation with a wellness coach.
  2. A team of dedicated personal trainers ready to help you reach your goals. Train one-on-one or in a group of up to 6 people
  3. Hundreds of classes per week, some unique to each club, taught by the area's most experienced and qualified instructors.

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