The TreeHouse

With focus on yoga, Pilates, and meditative arts, The TreeHouse is an award-winning Yoga and Pilates studio that has become a daily get-away for many, as well as the soul of Cornerstone.

Use of the TreeHouse, which is included in our New Hope membership, has been an excellent community and Cornerstone resource since its opening in 2008. Find your inner peace by deepening your yoga practice, lengthening and strengthening at Pilates, or enjoying the serenity and relief of one of our massage or acupuncture treatments.

The TreeHouse, a lifestyle center by Cornerstone, is just that – a center aimed at providing you with the resources you need to give yourself the happy, healthy, balanced lifestyle you have always wanted. Our classes and services are geared specifically toward encouraging harmony of the mind, body and spirit, allowing you to quiet the stresses of everyday life and focus on total health.


Our yoga classes offer variety to accommodate a wide range of levels, ages, and physical abilities.  Different styles of yoga such as Hatha, Yin Yoga, Anusara, Yoga Scuplt, and Vinyasa give each member the opportunity to explore and enjoy unique yoga experiences as they develop in their practice.

Our yoga instructors are educated, seasoned professionals who not only care deeply about their own practices, but are also dedicated to helping others invest in personal and rewarding experiences with yoga.  Each class is shaped by the unique approach and attitude of our various teachers, giving you the opportunity to engage in a variety of styles or find the path that suits you best.

We offer specialized programs through our Yoga Programs – which change seasonally and usually run for 6 – 8 weeks. Programs are designed to give yogis a specific experience based on their abilities, ambitions and interests. Examples of yoga workshops include programs for beginners and teens, Aerial Yoga, Yoga Therapeutics and a variety of other yoga modalities.

In addition to our regular classes and Yoga Programs, the TreeHouse hosts monthly Master Classes. The two-hour Master Classes allow participants to experience different practices such as Kundalini, Yoga Nidra, and Meditation.

For those looking to take their yoga practice to the next level and deepen their understanding, we offer a Yoga Teacher Training program, which is run annually. The Yoga Teacher Training program equips amateur yogis with the tools and education required to become an instructor of yoga certified by Yoga Alliance – an achievement earned upon completion of the program.


The TreeHouse offers both classic Pilates Mat and Pilates Reformer classes as well as Pilates Reformer I=MX, Pilates Mat Express, and Pilates Mat & Yoga Fusion. Pilates is an excellent strength-based exercise that will compliment any yoga practice or work-out regime. Pilates targets your core while allowing you to lengthen and strengthen the rest of your muscles in one total-body workout.

Our Pilates instructors create a welcoming environment in each of our classes. Pilates is an excellent exercise for people of all ages and physical ability – our classes vary by level and experience, so all are encouraged to come give it a try!

Massage & Acupuncture

Our certified and licensed massage therapists offer all the quality of a day-spa experience right here at the TreeHouse. Massage is an excellent tool for releasing tension that is stored in muscles and rejuvenating the body, helping you to recover from soreness and tightness faster and get moving again! Our quiet massage room will allow you to enjoy your treatment in peace and put the constant stimuli of day to day life on pause. From sports massage to deep tissue treatments, our different massage services are available to offer you a customizable experience based on your needs.

Our massage and wellness services allow our members to engage in total body wellness – a philosophy that we proudly promote. To make an appointment for a service at the TreeHouse, please call 215-862-2200.

The Boutique

The Boutique at the TreeHouse brings all of your favorite athletic wear brands to our convenient Bucks County location. Our shop carries high-quality performance apparel for both men and women, along with handbags, jewelry, scarfs and other unique pieces. Our space provides you the classes you need to work hard, and the gear you need to move comfortably and look good doing it!


Best of Bucks & Montgomery County 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 – Best Yoga Studio, Winner
Best of Bucks & Montgomery County 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 – Best Pilates, Winner
BucksHappening Best Yoga Studio 2012

The TreeHouse is open 7 days a week.

Daytime: We open from the first class each day and close 30 minutes after the last afternoon class.

Evenings: The TreeHouse opens 30 min before the first evening class and closes with the last class of the night.

Interested in learning more about The TreeHouse? Contact Erin Hearty, TreeHouse Director: call 215.862.2200 or email.

Contact and Location

419 S. York Rd., New Hope, Pennsylvania