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About Swim Lessons

Swimming is not just a skill that is fun, but it is a life skill that all ages should attain. Water safety starts with you and should begin as early as possible! Cornerstone’s swim lesson curriculum concentrates on safety skills first! We work to naturally introduce your child to the water and then build them up into a strong and confident swimmers! This ensures that your child is comfortable in the water and has the skills that will last a lifetime! In addition to our safety first attitude, our swim lessons feature a comfortable learning environment with the lowest teacher-to-swimmer ratios in the area! We have superior instruction and evaluation techniques to ensure that the highest level of instruction is given at all times. Interested in joining our program, contact our Aquatics Director at candice@cornerstoneclubs.com or 215.918.5929 for more information

Benefits of Swim Lessons


  • Fun
  • Safe
  • Experienced Instructors
  • Master your swimming skills
  • Teach your children water safety at a young age
  • New and updated pool area
  • Individual attention
  • Fun environment!

class information

  • Payment is required at the time of registration.
  • After the first week of a swim session, classes with one child will be cancelled and/or consolidated. A class can remain scheduled with one child if that parent/guardian pays the upgrade fee for the session.
  • Parents and children are highly encouraged to use the Family Locker Room for changing and showering.  In the event that these rooms are occupied, families are permitted to use the Women’s and Men’s Locker Rooms as an additional option.  We ask that parents accompany same sex children into the appropriate locker room up until the age of 6.  Children over the age of 6 may use the appropriate locker room as long as they act according to proper locker room etiquette.
  • All participants must follow program safety rules.
  • Program schedules are tentative and classes may be changed or cancelled at any time.
  • Make up classes are one per session. The swim lesson make up schedule will be available at the beginning of the second week of the session.
  • Parents and guests must observe swim lessons from outside the pool area unless an invited observation is scheduled.
  • Parents must sign in for swim lessons at the pool each week.
  • Please refrain from taking photos/video during swim lessons. Under special circumstances, Management may approve photos to be taken.
  • New participants, please contact the Aquatics Department at 215.918.5929  to discuss placement level.

Spring 2 Swim Lessons (3/5 - 4/28)


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