Sports Performance at Cornerstone

Sports Performance at Cornerstone offers a high quality, high-energy training program for athletes looking to maximize their performance in their sport.

We offer group and individual training targeting sports specific movements. Our focus is to make workouts fun and interesting while maintaining a emphasize on running mechanics and sports specific agility. Here at Sports Performance our experienced team of coaches are committed to making your training engaging and productive while motivating the young athlete to become, faster, stronger and more confident.

As part as of our advance-training program here at Sports Performance we offer our advance athlete training in areas of agility, multi-directional speed, quickness, strength training, and stopping mechanics. Our experienced coaches are committed in helping the athlete achieve their highest goals through hard work and discipline. Sports Performance tailors each workout to fit the skill level of the individual athlete for the specific sport. We offer a challenging and highly efficient sports strength and conditioning program that will help every athlete achieve their maximal potential. Here at Sports Performance we believe “Todays dedication = Tomorrow Success”.

  • Speed, Agility, Quickness (SAQ)
  • Endurance, Strength & Power Development
  • Visual Agility Training
  • Injury Prevention
  • Energy Systems & Recovery
  • Flexibility & Movement Skills
  • Stopping Mechanics

For additional information and scheduling, please contact Cassandra Sterling, Program Director, at 215.794.3700.