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About FitKids

Creating a healthier community is Cornerstone’s mission; raising the next generation of Central Bucks kids to be active and healthy is a huge part of this endeavor. Our FitKids program is aimed to not only give kids a solid foundation for a healthy lifestyle, but also provide parents with the convenience and comfort of knowing your kids are well taken care of while you take care of yourself. FitKids is based out of our Doylestown location where the women who staff the program have a combined tenure of over 100 years teaching at CornerKids. That’s right! Many of the women on our CornerKids staff have been here for 18 years or more. This creates an environment where the staff develops relationships with the families and children, and learns the best way to guide your child toward success while they are a FitKid. FitKid Membership is your child’s unlimited access to all things CornerKids! FitKids will be able to attend as many of their favorite activities and classes as they want and play in our playroom free of charge. FitKid members also receive special rates on kids’ workshops, summer camp, birthday parties and all other CornerKids services. Continue reading to learn more about the unlimited classes that come with your child’s FitKid Membership.

Benefits of FitKids


  • Fitness Focused
  • Confidence
  • Affordable
  • Unlimited access to all activities and classes
  • Special discounts on all CornerKids services including camp, birthday parties, workshops etc.
  • Attend ‘Parent’s Night Out’ free
  • Ongoing health & fitness education…and fun!

class information

FITKIDS - available in Doylestown only


Monthly Rates:  $30/1st child; $19/2nd+; $55 for children of non-members

Daily Drop-In Rates:  $10/children of members; $15/children of non-members

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FitKids Morning Program for Preschool Age Children (Ages 2-6)

Morning Program Classes | Mon-Fri, Sept-June | 9:30am-11am

Yoga, Zumba, Joy of Learning, Beginner Gymnastics, Fit & Fun, and Beginner Rock Climbing

For more information, click here.

Parent’s Night Out | 2nd Friday of every month | 6:30pm – 9pm

$25 value (FitKids are FREE!) Includes dinner, craft, fun games and a movie


FitKids After School Program for Ages 5 - 11

Afterschool Program Classes | Fall and Spring | 5:15 - 6:00pm

Monday - Funky Fitness

Tuesday - Boot Camp

Wednesday - Sports Club

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SummerKids Special Rate

To qualify for the discounted camp rate, children must remain FitKid members through the end of camp.


Special Events

For more information about special events like Parents Night Out, YoYo Playdates and more, click here.


Director's info

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Joy Darreff a.k.a (Director)
Joy Darreff a.k.a “Miss Joy” has been with Cornerstone since 1997! A loving Mother since 1984, she has worked with children for over 25 years. She strives to create a loving, fun, creative and safe environment for your children to grow up in. She has had the pleasure of watching children grow up in our playroom, and then eventually become young adult members of Cornerstone or even come to work for her at CornerKids many years later! Joy’s passion is teaching children and it is evident in her daily enthusiasm.

  1. Support , motivation, and fun provided by our friendly and educated staff; starting with a free consultation with a wellness coach.
  2. A team of dedicated personal trainers ready to help you reach your goals. Train one-on-one or in a group of up to 6 people
  3. Hundreds of classes per week, some unique to each club, taught by the area's most experienced and qualified instructors.

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