Cornerstone is committed to making Bucks County a healthier place to live, and that includes teaching our next generation how to make healthy choices and live an active lifestyle. CornerKids merges our love of fitness with our passion for the community, offering a variety of activities, services and programs to show your little one what it means to be healthy. We believe that teaching children to make healthy, smart choices when they are young will pave the way for a healthy and happy adulthood. Whether your child is a FitKid Member or a CornerKids visitor, we have a wide variety of activities and programs to bring out their inner confidence and happiness. Through CornerKids, we aim to show kids what it means to live a healthy lifestyle – and have fun doing it!

CornerKids Programs

FitKid Membership Location Provided:

FitKid Membership is your child’s unlimited access to all things CornerKids! Junior Members will be able to attend as many of their favorite Morning Activities or Afterschool classes as they want and play in our playroom free of charge. FitKid members also receive special rates on kids & teens workshops, summer camp, birthday parties and all other […]

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Birthday Parties Location Provided:

Thank you for voting us the Best Children’s Party in Bucks County!! Our parties  are designed for ages 3 and older. The basic CornerKids Party is similar for every age group. We make the same games a little more challenging and sophisticated as the children get older. In our 10 years of providing parties at […]

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SummerKids Camp Location Provided:

SummerKids is a fun summer camp at Cornerstone Doylestown designed to keep your child active and having fun while you work out, run errands, or just have some time to yourself. Ages 4+ Years are welcome to join us on a day-to-day basis, week-to-week, or for a whole fun-filled summer. SummerKids is open to Cornerstone […]

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Child Care/Playroom Location Provided:

CornerKids has a playroom at all three of Cornerstone’s locations; so whether you visit Doylestown, New Hope or Warrington you can leave your little ones in our care while you take care of yourself. Most of our playroom attendants are moms who have had their children in our playroom; so they care for every child […]

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