Photos & Video

The Spa Photos

Find your moment of peace at The Spa at Cornerstone in The Health and Wellness Center on Route 611. Its cozy atmosphere will keep you coming back for more!


We love having fun. Here are some unique Cornerstone moments caught on tape. To see them all, visit our YouTube channel and subscribe! Camp Caliente heats things up outdoors. See The TreeHouse like you’ve never seen it before. The kids (and moms!) run up a storm for SummerKids 2012. Eat to Perform 24/7 Program with Felipe. Mary […]

Doylestown Photos

Our Doylestown Club, located on Edison Furlong Road, opened in 1995. Since then, we’ve made a ton of renovations and additions – check it out!

New Hope Photos

Our New Hope Club opened in 2006, conveniently located on Route 202. Prepare to be ‘wowed’ by its energetic vibe and friendly members & staff.

Warrington Photos

Our newest, and largest, member of the Cornerstone family is our Warrington Club, located in The Health and Wellness Center on Route 611. The pools and locker rooms are sure to please.