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I Love Zumba with Laura!

Laura Rodriguez is a fabulous Zumba instructor!  She’s high energy with challenging routines and I’m seeing great results!  She’s got my 59 year old body looking not so old! – Joanne Kurteson > Zumba Schedules

Nick - Great Addition!

Nick has been a GREAT addition to the Doylestown club. He has fresh ideas and is always flexible and available with his schedule. He has once again transformed the Zone into a tough workout and I love to see the classes full of members again. – Michael Meehan Learn more about the Zone.

Awesome Trainer

I love working out with Matt, he is the best trainer ever ever ever. I have been in a boot cast since Oct. & even though I am limited, I always feel like I get a great workout with him. He always goes above and beyond, he even came in on his day off to […]

Training with Sabrina Willard

I decided to work with a personal trainer because I was tired of completing the same exercise routines and not getting the results that I wanted. I wanted someone that would help motivate me and continue to support me through my journey fighting breast cancer. Sabrina has done a tremendous job at working around various […]

Dave is Fantastic!

Before beginning personal training, I was struggling with staying motivated and I was not pushing myself as hard as I knew I could. I felt that a trainer would be able to push me beyond where I had been able to before. I had lost some weight but was in a plateau and unable to […]

Results with Shawn Harrison

I started working with Shawn almost 3 years ago, once a week for an hour by myself and a half hour weekly with my wife. No crazy diet – we eat fish 4 – 5 times a week and otherwise pretty much eat and drink whatever we like (I like micro brews). I’m a gourmet […]

Zumba and Zumba Gold

Suzanne is amazing. First, her warm and friendly disposition sets the tone for an enjoyable class. She instructs with a warm and bright smile that cannot help but engage class participants. She is a highly skilled exceptional instructor; athletic, agile and graceful. Thanks for your excellent work, Suzanne. Check out our Zumba Schedules

Cornerstone Kids Kicking It!

For longer than they can remember, Cornerstone Kids has been a part of my childrens life. My son started in the playroom when he was just a year old and now he’s nine and still loves coming to Cornerstone every summer. My favorite part is seeing Donna, Joy and all the amazing CornerKids staff who […]

Spin Class With Kathleen and Personal Trainer Bryan Whiteside

About a year and a half ago I started spin class at the urging of my PT Bryan in order to lose some of my stomach fat. Within a few short months and a lot of hard work (I spin 3 and sometimes 4 times a week) I’ ve lost 35 lbs and 4 inches […]

Staff Members

I love the friendliness of your staff. they know who you are and always have a friendly greeting. They are always available to respond to any concern. – Kevin Get to know more about our staff.

Spinning with Kathleen in Warringtion

She is always “up” and encouraging her classes to excell. We look forward to her classes and are less excited when we learn she is not in for that day. – Julia Obert

Kim Starkey

I used to fall down a lot! I would trip over the dog gate, slip on ice, catch my toe on a rug and down I went. When I started working with Kim, she helped me improve my core strength. We still work on that. I am so much stronger, have good balance, and never […]

Thanks Shawn Marie

I’ve been working out with Shawn Marie since I re-joined Cornerstone about two and a half years ago. I feel better than I did 10 years ago and thus can justify every penny. Many, many thanks! – Beth Calahan Learn more about personal training.

Zone classes

After having 3 kids i had wanted to “up” my fitness level. After working out for a solid year, I felt I wasn’t improving the way I wanted to. After trying my very first zone class, I was immediately hooked. After taking a year of zone classes, they have inspired me to become a personal […]

Love Yoga Sculpt

I began taking Yoga Sculpt in January and I just Love it! I can really feel each part of my body as we stretch and work the muscles. Suzanne is excellent, always giving you ways to extend the pose if you are interested. I look forward to every class and just wish all three were […]

Sabrina is amazing!

I have been working with her for the past 3 years or more. I have been dealing with sports injuries, and whiplash over the years. Over the years I have enjoyed tennis, biking and running and weight training. Her knowledge as a trainer has helped me rehab to get back to being even stronger than […]

Thank you Dave!

I needed someone to hold me accountable. Working out with friends was just not a motivator for me and I wanted someone who wouldn’t let me whine – or when I would whine, they would still push me to the limits. I was tired, bored, and unmotivated before I started personal training. I had been […]

All-Around Excellent Trainer

I took several free classes with Dave at Cornerstone Warrington and I felt like he was a good fit for me. I felt like I was in good overall shape, but I didn’t vary my routine enough and wanted to focus on my core and general flexibility. So, I decided to start personal training with […]

Kettle Bells with Mary

I can not believe how in 6 months my body has changed because of Mary! I went from a size 8 to a size 4/6 and lost 18 lbs. Mary’s motivation keeps me going!! – Julie Lomas

Nick Benner - One of the best!

What a great addition the the “Cornerstone Family”! I have personal trained for many years with various trainers—Nick is one of the best! He is very focused on the individual, energetic, motivating, knows what he is doing and a really good person! Also very knowledgeable with kinesiology. His Zone Classes are fantastic!! Looking forward to […]

Great Addition: Nick Benner

Nick – great addition to the trainer staff What a great addition, Nick has brought the energy back to The Zone.  Every class is challenging, he mixes up the activities, keeping it fresh and working different muscle groups. His knowledge and enthusiasm have brought the intensity back to my workout. Great job Nick! – Pete Lochetta

Kristin's Spinning Class!

Take your fitness goals to the next level with Kristin’s Spinning Class! It was the middle of winter, and I was bored with my regular work out routine.  Almost every night on my way out of the gym the spin room would be packed with people and music that screamed “join me!”.  Something inside of […]

Yoga with Maria

Thank you for adding the Tuesday at 12:30 pm class with Maria Starr, along with her Thursday 10am class, at the Warrington Cornerstone. I really can’t say enough about how great a yoga instructor Maria Starr is—as well as the whole yoga program you offer at Cornerstone’s three venues. There are so many reasons that […]

Gina Ranelli Makes Intense Exercise Fun

Cardio Core – New Hope: I’ve taken several of Gina’s Cardio Core classes, held on Tuesdays at 5:30 pm in New Hope. And let me just say, Gina rocks! With each weekly class, she sets up different combinations of cardio and core exercises. This makes it fun and never boring. Although I’m beat at the […]

Yoga is Inspiring

I have enjoyed the yoga options provided by Cornerstone. The instructors are positive, welcoming and inspiring – each class is slightly different, which keeps me coming back! I am late to yoga, but I have enjoyed some benefits in just a few short months. I just viewed a video on ABC which is very inspiring. […]

New to Yoga? Try Beginner Yoga with Sally Miller at The Treehouse

I just completed my first Yoga class! Although millions have enjoyed and benefited from Yoga, it has always mystified me. The poses and wording would literally trip me up ending with a less than enjoyable experience. I decided to try a beginners class and ask a Cornerstone Yoga staff member what class to take. Bob […]

Kim Gets a Thumbs Up!

I just wanted to give Kim my thumbs up! Sally first introduced me to the Doylestown club and she was wonderful and I signed on the dotted line at the end of her intro tour.  After that, Kim took me through my personal training phase and she has been wonderful.  Not only has she walked […]

Marathon Training with Tracey

Marathon Training with Tracey I cannot explain how much training with Tracey Kling prepared me for my first marathon race! She was a huge help and inspiration! I honestly don’t know whether I would have been able to finish without her training and advice. I would highly recommend Tracey to anyone, especially to those who […]

Wendy is Awesome!

Awesome! Wendy Ramirez has been working with me for over a year.  She is skilled, thoughtful and a pleasure to work with and talk to.  She knows just how and when to encourage and when to push me within my limitations.  She has helped me gain strength and flexibility.  I have better balance and, most […]

Wendy is a phenomenal trainer!

Wendy is a phenomenal trainer! She is motivational yet understands a person’s limitations. Wendy makes working out fun yet effective. I actually look forward to coming to the gym and training with her each week. – Nancy Buchler

I Love CornerKids!

I love it!  I love it!  I love it! I just wanted to take a second to thank you, Cornerstone Kids, for what you do so naturally and effortlessly; even though, I know it takes lots of planning and love on your part.  As a parent to two very active (at times STRONG WILLED) boys […]

Wendy Ramirez

When we decided to use a trainer, we met Wendy and we have never looked back. She is a skilled, dedicated professional who has encouraged us to constantly strive to new heights, always taking into consideration our physical foiables. She’s terriffic! – Patty & Adolf Herst

Amy & Jill

Amy & Jill at the New Hope Service Desk When we joined Cornerstone we found the front desk staff friendly, engaging and always wishing us a good workout. It makes a difference and it’s appreciated. – Patty & Adolf Herst

Wendy is fantastic!

I have been so blessed to have had the opportunity to work with Wendy Ramirez since 2010. Prior to training with Wendy, I found my workouts were becoming the same exercise pattern every single time. Wendy has introduced me to so many different types of exercises that help me strengthen and tone my body. She […]

Wendy Ramirez

I’ve been working out with Wendy Ramirez for several months. Under her guidance I feel stronger and more energized. Wendy inspires me to test my limits. I am thrilled with my progress and very happy to feel stronger and younger every day! – Barbara Stoller

Rookie Runner Program is Great

I truly enjoyed and benefited from the Rookie Runner workshop for the Cornerstone 5K. This program with Tracey Kling was perfectly designed to get a Newbie into running. I was barely able to walk the 3 miles in the beginning of the program and finished the Cornerstone 5K in less than 30 minutes! I think the class was great to […]

Marie is Great

My cardiologist has emphasized to me how important it is to get regular exercise, especially as I get older. I’ve been going to Cornerstone for several years and I believe I have benefited a lot with my balance, strength and endurance. Marie has been very helpful and Wendy has pointed out a few things to […]

Metabolic Training Testimonials

“Love your class!” – Jill D. “I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed and benefited from the metabolic conditioning class – both sessions!  I would take this class again in a minute so I hope you will offer it again. My strength and tone has greatly improved. In fact, I saw significant improvement […]

Women's Weightlifting 101

My experience working with Amy McGahran in her “Women’s Weight-lifting 101″ program at Warrington has been wonderful. I find Amy to be very professional: she is clearly knowledgeable in matters relating to fitness, women’s health, and in relating to “customers.”  I really appreciate the approach she takes to her work. She is serious about the […]

Wendy R. Is Awesome!

Wendy is an amazing personal trainer. She knows exactly how hard to push and makes working out fun. What I like best about working with Wendy is that in addition to a phenomenal workout- I am also getting an education. I feel at ease with equipment that once seemed terrifying. I even like the rowing […]

Foundations of Yoga Immersion with Karin Eisen

As a yoga junkie, I have been captivated by many amazing and charismatic instructors with whom I develop a close bond. I am filled with the gratitude for the experience of finding more in myself than I thought possible – and for supporting the sometimes fragile emergence of courage. That sense of adventure, which happens […]

Kristin Panacio is the Best!

I have been a member of Cornerstone Health & Fitness for several years, which has the best personal trainers – Kristin Panacio is clearly one of them. This summer I experienced great results and benefits from personal training with Kristin Panacio at Cornerstone.  Kristin trained me for success.  She was very knowledgeable, professional, proficient and […]

Stretch Body Mind with Ogden

“Stretch Your Body and Mind” strengthens my nervous system and opens my heart. I know when I go to Ogden’s evening class I will feel calmer and sleep better. Initially, I went to her morning class when she came to Warrington on Holiday Monday mornings several years ago. I noticed that I always had a […]

Sports Performance: Worth Every Penny

I signed my son, Brendan, up for Sports Performance Training at Cornerstone with the expectation that he would get bigger, faster and stronger, which he did! After working out for 4 days a week for the last 10 months he is much stronger than when he started and his speed and agility are greatly improved. […]

Training with Matt Coller

In the past, I was an athlete and trained accordingly, so I was always in pretty good shape. As my life moved on I had to rely more on myself in order to stay in shape which proved to require much more self-discipline than I had expected. Having two kids set me back the most […]

Massage with Ogden Kruger

I am currently living with stage 4 recurrent liver cancer. I have multiple physical complications. I have difficulty sleeping under normal circumstances, now in my current condition sleeping has become extremely difficult. When I started my treatments with Ogden Kruger (a combination of modalities that she uses) I did not know what to expect. The […]

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