Experience Cornerstone

Our Experience Cornerstone program is designed to get you familiar, integrated, and comfortable with your fitness journey at Cornerstone!

And it is free and open to all Cornerstone members. Just schedule your four complimentary appointments with our friendly and knowledgeable staff and you’ll be on your way to a smarter fitness routine.

Concierge Visit – Step One:

We’ll explain everything Cornerstone Clubs has to offer in order to meet your health and fitness goals.  Your schedule and fitness plan will be created for you! Everyone is different, so this concierge visit will help to customize how you can reach your specific goals.

Strength Training – Learn the Floor:

Let’s get you started on a customized Strength Training Circuit. Strength training is crucial to losing weight and toning up, no matter your age or body type. Knowing how the fitness floor and virtual training partners can help you is a step to success.

Cardiovascular Appointment – Know Your Zone:

We’ll discuss the concept of cardiovascular training and acclimate you to all of the Cardio equipment available at your Club. Just like strength training, cardio work is essential to any fitness routine.

Functional Assessment – Analyze Your Movement:

We’ll to assess your movement patterns.  Based upon that assessment, we will enhance your functional movement. Functional work will not only help you improve form, it will also improve the performance of your daily movements, lowering the chance of injury.

Ready to get started? Contact us to schedule your appointments today!