Cornerstone Warrington features both a lap pool and a healing pool – workout and then recover!

Our weekly pool schedule includes scheduled times for free swim, family swim and more:

Pool Schedule – 3.5.18

We offer many aquatics group exercise classes throughout the week with options for all fitness levels:

Warrington GX Classes – 3.5.18

Group swim lessons are also available for children of all ages – infants and up.  Low teacher-to-student ratio, convenient times and a developmental swim team make this one of the best programs in the area:

Spring 2 Swim Lessons


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Online Account Instructions

Please remember that schedules are subject to change at anytime. To get the most up-to-date class information including instructors, substitutes, time changes and more, please login to your account.  If you don’t have an account, click here for instructions


Megan Mattingly Aquatics Director Did you know that swimming is a lifelong activity and survival skill? We have the opportunity to learn as children and like riding a bike, we never forget. Swimming can be done with friends or alone, for exercise or just for the pure enjoyment of it. A skill we can teach our children and an activity we can do anywhere. Swimming can absolutely be the BEST part of your day and I love that we can offer that opportunity to you. So stop by, enjoy our lap pool, healing pool, and hot tub. Bring your family in for family swim and challenge yourself to a cardio workout that has no comparison and while you’re here make sure to say hello!