Advanced Training

For those looking for more specialized workouts under closer supervision, we offer more advanced training unique to each location.  In Doylestown and New Hope, we offer Trainer’s Choice, our new and improved small and large group training classes.  In New Hope, we also offer two specialized team training options:  Spartan Race Training and Calisthenics, Kettlebells and TRX.  In Warrington, we offer Tribe Team Training, a fun, progressive and results driven approach to building cardiovascular endurance and strength as well as additional classes like TRX Training and Small Group Training For Seniors.


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New Hope

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Click here for the Spartan Race Training Schedule (starts 11/3/2017)

Click here for the Calisthenics, Kettlebells and TRX Schedule (starts 12/4/2017)

Click here for Triathlon Training (starts 1/1/2018)


Click here for the Tribe Team Training Season 2, 2018 Schedule

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Online Account Instructions

Please remember that schedules are subject to change at anytime. To get the most up-to-date class information including instructors, substitutes, time changes and more, please login to your account.  If you don’t have an account, click here for instructions.