Our Story

Our mission is simply to be the place, with the most passionate people, committed to making your health & fitness experience the best part of your day.

When we opened the doors of Cornerstone, Doylestown, in 1995, we were committed to making it the finest – a club that would offer everything you are looking for in health and fitness.

For years, we talked with the experts. Those experts are people just like you. We talked to them before an exercise class, during their workouts and even after their New Year’s resolutions had become history. We listened and learned exactly what thousands of people just like you want from a fitness facility. The foundation of our club was built by your suggestions, needs and wants. It’s a formula we stand by today. Our growth comes from the core of our business – our members. After all, YOU are the reason we are here!

Cornerstone, New Hope, opened in the fall of 2006, to answer the fitness needs of the New Hope community. We were anxious to expand our “family” and to share all that we are with people who had never experienced a place like Cornerstone.

We continue to ask and listen. Thanks to you, both of our clubs offer some of the most unique, innovative, and fun programs that fitness has to offer!

The TreeHouse, a lifestyle center by Cornerstone, was our next step; a haven – dedicated to re-discovering the passion that each of us has for living. It is certainly a special place. We feel that we did not plan The TreeHouse, but rather, we walked into the building and it planned us. With focus on yoga, Pilates and meditative arts, The TreeHouse opened in October of 2008, and has become a daily get-away for many, the soul of fitness and of Cornerstone.

March 2010 brought us an opportunity to bring Doylestown Hospital’s Lab Fitness + Spa into the Cornerstone Family. We have always supported Doylestown Hospital’s mission of a healthy community. We are happy to now have the opportunity to help fulfill that mission.

Now employing over 300+ dedicated, passionate and amazing staff members, we are all proud of how far we’ve come, of all those that we are fortunate to consider our family, the lives we’ve helped to change and the direction of our future.